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PFW SS16: Valentino x Guido Palau Dreadloc Bun

From the cross-cultural clothes, to the gorgeous textured up do that iconic hairstylist Guido Palau created for Valentino, the Italian fashion house absolutely killed it with a show-stopping presentation at Paris Fashion Week. Influenced by the rich textures and hand-painted designs, Redken Creative Director Guido Palau talks how he achieved this diverse, intricate, look that drew inspiration from many different cultures.Valentino Guido Palau PFW SS16 “The look at Valentino this season is very cross-cultural. The clothes have some tribal inspiration, so the hair has that feeling as well, but in a way that’s still very Valentino with the softness around the face and ears. It’s a bit influenced by the 60’s and 70’s when girls used to travel and they would bring back inspiration from other places and cultures, which is kind of an eclectic way of styling yourself” says Guido.

The Mane Master gave us the scoop on how to achieve the look by breaking down the detailed hairstyle. Guido explains, “The hair almost has a Grecian feel to it as well. Redken’s Braid Aid 03 is my main product, which I used to create the cornrow twists, and then I used Redken Triple Take 32 hairspray to finish the style and hold everything in place. The silhouette elongates the neck, which is a bit Egyptian and very elegant and attractive.”


  1. Prep hair extensions. Create dreadlocks by saturating hair with Guts 10 Volumizing Spray-Foam followed by Triple Take 32 extreme high-hold hairspray and twisting the hair.
  2. Start with dry, straight hair.
  3. Work a nickel-size amount of Redken Braid Aid 08 defining braid lotion throughout hair, focusing on the roots.
  4. Section by section, twist hair back into small cornrows toward the center of the head, securing with small elastics. Leave two small pieces of hair out near the ears.
  5. Gather hair and twist into a high chignon, securing with hair pins.
  6. Place extensions into the ponytail and pin the dreadlocks around the bun, leaving a few random pieces hanging.
  7. Finish with a thorough spray of Redken Triple Take 32 extreme high-hold hairspray all over to keep the style in place.


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