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5 Guys Weigh in on What They Really Think About Hair Extensions

Ask any girl you know and they are bound to sing praises to hair extensions. Ask any dude you know and it will be a different tune altogether. The old stereotype is this: girls love the extra volume and length while their SO’s think the hair is creepy and just plain weird to touch. Here is what five regular guys really think about their SO’s hair extensions.

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The “Meh” Guy

“It all depends on the girl, right? If she looks great and can pull them off: more power to her. The problem is that we dudes only notice when [extensions] get out of control. We notice when they are peering out from your real hear or all lopsided. Not cute.” – Raul M.

The “Not so Subtle” Dude

“[Extensions are] not natural. I don’t like the feeling…at all! You can’t run your fingers through your girl’s hair. I didn’t even notice my girl’s appearance change with the extensions but I did notice the hard tips all over her hair.” – Emmanuel G.

All for It

“I love long hair on a girl. If I have to put up with touching those plastic things, then its worth it. I have to admit, I do like running my fingers through hair but it is not a dealbreaker if I can feel the hair extensions in there. As long as they are well taken care of, who cares!?” – Robert C.

The Dealbreaker

“I don’t want my girl to think she has to wear some other humans hair on her head for her to be attractive. I love my girl’s natural looks and I don’t think I would be down with extensions. I’ve been with girls that have them and it was a dealbreaker.” – Ryan S.

Ok, Sometimes

“Listen, is it cool to feel extensions on your girl’s head? No. But sometimes [girls] like to dress up and I think it’s dope they put in the extra time. Do I want my chick wearing extensions every day? No. But it is cool on special occasions.” – Gus L.

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