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Laurent Philippon Created Hairstyles Suited for a Music Festival in Space for Gypsy Sport SS17


“It’s a big Gypsy Sport circus without gender,” says Bb.Global Artistic Director Laurent Philippon. “We’re very inspired by all the different personalities – it’s really about individuality and a lot of spontaneity.”


With a clothing collection of bold prints, mis match patterns, chic geometry, and bright colors, Laurent’s playful take on unique hairstyles for each model was a refreshing and fun departure from the effortless waves that graced most of the runways this season.

The model’s hairstyles varied from spiky mohawks, geometric afro-shapes, finger waves and braids with colored wefts to mirror the colorful collection.


Products Used: Bb.Gel, Strong Finish (launching in October), Dry Oil Finishing Spray.

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