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Hailey Baldwin Just Dyed Her Dark And Here’s How She Did It

Celebrity Hailey Baldwin Hair Change Bangs

ICYMI, the blonde bombshell of our dreams aka Hailey Baldwin uploaded a photo to Instagram debuting a new cut and color – brown, with bangs! She’s a natural brunette so the color isn’t a huge stretch, but it was still a surprise nonetheless. We must to say, she still looks just as gorgeous (duh) and I want to copy her bangs asap. For the complete lowdown on the cut and color we connected with Ryan Pearl, her long-time colorist and a stylist at Cutler Salon.

Ryan: “Hailey came to me saying she wanted to change her color to something closer to her natural for the time being and wanted to add a wispy fringe as well. First we used a filler to start the transition. We then continued to use a series of toners to richen and deepen her color.

After it was cut by Melissa Parizot, a cutler stylist, we then hand painted some highlights throughout her head to add some dimension and create a natural highlighted look. Afterwards we finished it with one more final glaze to add some shine.

I told Hailey to not shampoo for at least 25 hours so that the color can settle in her hair. We’ve done a darker color on her a couple years ago for the met gala but really enjoyed doing this change on her. I love the way it brightens up her skin tone and eye color. It’s also a lot more low maintenance for her hectic life style. 

And there you have it!

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