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I Tried Hailey Bieber’s Sugar Water Hair Hack

Last month Hailey Bieber divulged a surprising hair hack: sugar setting spray.

The model took to YouTube with iconic stylist Jen Atkin to discuss how she gets read carpet ready. In the video, Jen shared the vintage secret to strands that stay. And this hair hack is a DIY one: sugar setting spray. A little bit of sugar in water creates a maximum hold formula enough to withstand a whole day of photo ops.

But does it really work? We put it to the test below.

Hailey Bieber hair hack | Mane Addicts
Via Unsplash

Simple Ingredients

First of all, this sugar spray is simple to make. Just dissolve a little bit of sugar into water in spray bottle and you’re good to go (generic spray bottles are a dime a dozen – everyone should have one on hand). The key to this old school setting formula is applying it on damp hair. With this natural spritz, weightless texture and a whole lot of hold are right around the corner.

Maximum Hold

I’m not usually one for a DIY, but I have to give it up for this simple hair hack. I have fine hair – so I need a setting spray that won’t weigh it all down. This lightweight option delivers on its promise, providing the right amount of texture and hold without creating that crunchy heaviness some hairsprays bring with them. A quick all over mist gave my fluffy waves a touchable, brushable hold. And as a bonus, this soft, textured aesthetic lasted into the next day! All this to say I’m definitely on board with sugar spray.

Keep in mind that sugar can cause a little bit of build up. So if you do toss traditional hairsprays in favor of this natural alternative, you may need a clarifying shampoo or a light scrub to fully remove residue.

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