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NEED TO KNOW: So You Want to Be A Killer Hair Assistant?

A key step on the road to becoming an amazing hair artist is expanding your education through assisting! For all of our aspiring stylists out there, we sat down with our Mane University educators and some of the best and brightest experts in the biz to find out the advice you NEED to bring your career to the next level. Lesson number one? Stay one step ahead. Step two? know your schedule inside and out. Our next pro tip? Keep scrolling to find out…

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Communication and commitment to the job is key! Now that you’re thinking like a star assistant, the next step is to hone in on how you can best assist your boss.

“Be prepared to eat, breathe, and sleep hair–especially if the person you assist does,” says Mane U educator Sarah Conner. The OG Meche Salon member says “I firmly believe that how you are as an assistant will set the tone for how successful you are as a hairdresser.”

To perform most effectively as a team, it’s all about knowing what assisting style will best complement the hairdresser’s work ethic. Mane Master Kylee Heath shares an all-important lesson in matching energy and reading the room when she says, “Sometimes, you need to be a calm and quiet extra set of hands.”Sarah Conner Mane University

Makeup artist and men’s groomer Albert Elizondo says, “To be a great hair assistant you definitely need to know your key hairstylist as well as your client to be on the same taste level.” His accompanying advice includes, “Set etiquette is super important! Never overstep boundaries with the client and no networking unless it’s okay with the person you’re assisting.”

The more you understand the way your boss works, the less time you have to worry about making simple mistakes so you can really focus on absorbing each educational experience.

What's In The Bag

Tune in next week for more expert advice on how to be a killer hair assistant!

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