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NEED TO KNOW: Pro Advice for Hair Assistants

So you want to be a killer hair assistant? The first step is to always stay one step ahead. You have to set yourself apart and understand the ins and outs on the daily (whether that’s in-salon or on set) so you can stay in control, all while keeping your boss feeling calm, cool and collected. Let’s see what the Masters have to say…

Mane University


Thinking ahead to anticipate the next move goes hand-in-hand with knowing the intimate details of your mentor’s everyday life. Make it your business to know every client that comes through the door, what needs to be restocked in their kit, and even when you’ll have fifteen free minutes to squeeze in a lunch/latte break. Acting as the hostess with the mostess will help make the day run as smoothly as possible for the clients and the glam squad.

Mane U educator and colorist to the stars George Papanikolas, places a lot of responsibility in the hands of his assistants. He says, “Prioritizing needs for me is very important. The most valuable thing that my assistants provide is that they are my second set of eyes.” He explains, “I can’t be at the shampoo bowl with every client, so I rely on the assistants to know when the highlights are ready, which toner the clients need, and if there are any adjustments that need to be made.”

Mane University George Papanikolas

Sabrina Carpenter’s mane man, celeb stylist Scott King says it even simpler, “A great hair assistant is someone who is punctual and available. They need to be hard working and communicate properly to make sure the work gets done.”

We think Mane University extension master Sarah Conner says it best when she said, “Your schedule is their schedule so you have to work hard, be dedicated, be passionate, be positive and stay humble.” Her sage advice includes, “Let the effects of being told what to do all day long roll off your back.”

Mane University Sarah Conner

Don’t forget to tune in next week to find out more on what it means to be a killer assistant!

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