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NEED TO KNOW: How Embracing Your Education Can Excel You as an Assistant

ICYMI, we’ve been divulging the ultimate career counsel all month straight from the source….our Mane University Educators! For all our hair assistants out there always on the hustle, take a cue from some of the best and brightest in the industry on what you can do to set yourself apart in a sea of eager artists. From staying one step ahead, knowing your schedule inside and out, to becoming an expert on your boss, the final piece of the puzzle is all about you! Keep scrolling to find out the key to becoming the master of your own education (and career!).

Hair Assistant


Kris Jenner’s go-to-guy, Mane Master Jorge Serrano says, “You must be able to make both minor and major decisions. A good assistant is able to quickly assess any situation, weigh the pros and cons of various approaches, and make an educated and informed decision.” Sounds like a tall order but he explains, “It often requires a lot of common sense and intuition. Ask a lot of questions and be good at multitasking.”

And it may not seem like it, but the little things you do for your boss can make a big difference at the end of the day. Sally Hershberger Salon‘s Ryan Trygstad reminds us “a clean work station is a happy work place!” Making quick decisions, coordinating their calendar, and organizing their kit seems like the perfect recipe to make for a happy hairstylist!

Mane University Color Palette


Instead of feeling like you’re just waiting in the wings and putting in your time, take pride in your work and have faith that all the effort you put in assisting now will pay off when you set out on your own later. Why not use these jobs as your chance to experiment and learn as much as you can so that when you’re finally the one calling the shots, you have the experience and all the tools you need to make it happen!

The lady behind Queen Bey’s lit lemonade looks couldn’t agree more! Mane Master Kim Kimble says, “Don’t forget to focus on education. Learn and watch as much as you can. Look at assisting as an opportunity, not just a job.”

Hair Assistant Advice

When it comes to furthering your skill-set, you really reap what you sow. Celebrity Colorist George Papanikolas puts the ball in your court by saying, “It’s important that my assistants use their time with me to learn the craft so they can set themselves up for success.”

In case you ever feel a bit anxious or overwhelmed, Mane U Educator Sarah Conner reassures, “Your day will come if you put in the time (which is not a few months, it’s 1-2+ years) and all of your efforts will be rewarded by becoming the best hairdresser you can be!”

Mane University Hair Assistant Advice

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