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6 Huge Ways Our Hair Benefited From Social Distancing

Plenty of people are going crazy over their hair amid coronavirus-induced quarantine. And yes, grays, brassy color, roots and split ends are certainly annoying—but at the end of the day, the only people who have the right to complain are people who work in the hair industry, as they’re the ones out of jobs.

In fact, there are actually a handful of benefits that social distancing brings to our locks. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Less Damage

Unless you’re getting dolled-up for the gram each day (which, hey, if you are, more power to ya!), you’re probably not doing a whole lot with your hair. At most, maybe styling it once to last you up until your next wash. And even if you are flat-ironing or curling, chances are you’re definitely not using product, because it’s not like it needs to hold for an extended period of time.

Less Washing

Because there’s nowhere to be, we can get away with a few extra greasy days, or lay off the post-workout hair washes. I mean, seriously speaking, we can go until we feel we’re at our dirtiest moment and crave that cleanse.

Less Pressure to Get Dolled-Up

Going back to some of the above, with the exception of a little Zoom action, chances are you haven’t jazzed-up your mane on the reg. With going to an office, going out with friends or going on dates totally out of the picture, you’re not as compelled to spend as much time doing your hair. I mean, it definitely feels good to have it done for the sake of one’s self, but it’s also easy to throw it up in a bun or ponytail and call it a day.


Save Money

This is a given, but now we’re trading in salon-quality services for fresh out of a box—and that’s only referring to people who are even bothering with upkeep. Some of us are letting our au-naturel locks linger, while waiting for salons to reopen. Either option, we’re totally saving money.

Save Product

Even if you are doing your hair every day, chances are you’re using far less product. Now of course, when it comes to traditional shampoo and conditioner, you may still be heftily going through those bottles depending on how frequently you wash, but dry shampoos, sprays, oils and serums are most likely used at a minimum.

Hair trends are certainly fun to follow, but tough to embrace. They’re ever changing, and you can’t exactly bounce from one haircut to the next. And attempting to follow color trends only makes for a greater damaged ‘do. Social distancing has put hair trends on hold (except ones resulting from grown-out hair amid quarantine), which is a sigh of relief because we can finally do whatever we want with our hair and not care.

Are you unable to deal without a haircut? Click HERE for a pro’s tips on whether you should do the deed solo.

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