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I Tried the Hair Blinger Blowing Up on TikTok and Yes, It’s Worth It

By now, you’ve likely seen the viral video making its way across TikTok of Sophie Murray using a hair blinger to stamp her bleach blonde tresses with gems for a festival. I am served a stitch on my FYP of someone trying out this technique themselves at least twice a day. Blinged-out hair is everywhere at the moment, but it isn’t exactly new.


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The hair blinger (or hair stamper, whatever want to call it) is yet another ’90s and Y2K trend making its way into pop culture once again. As a child of the ’90s, I can attest that the hair blinger was a sought-after product that I and my peers desperately wanted. Though I never scored one when I was younger, now that I have access to adult money, I’m able to satisfy my inner child by giving myself the things I missed out on as a kid.

Getting Your Hands on a Hair Blinger

Ashley and her sister wearing hair gems in their hair for the Instagram hair trends experience

Fun fact: I actually purchased a hair blinger back in 2020 with not a single clue that it would blow up on TikTok. I was tasked with DIY-ing a bunch of Instagram hair trends and hair gems were everywhere (thanks to Euphoria). Thanks to a targeted ad, I was able to purchase the now-popular hair blinger at my local Target (in the kid’s toys section, mind you). The kit came stocked with the hair stamper, along with 75 adhesive gems—all for about $20. A deal! But after its one stint in 2020, the hair blinger was left to collect dust among the other lockdown-era impulse buys because A) I didn’t have anywhere to go and B) I ran out of hair gems to apply to my strands. Until now!

With the hair blinger on the forefront of everyone’s mind, I decided to order a refill pack from Walmart (it arrived in less than 24 hours!) and give it another go. I went with a classic gems refill pack and one that had some colorful gems for about $10 each.

However, the hair blinger is in high demand at the moment, so it might be a bit trickier to get your hands on one. There are some options available at Walmart and on Amazon, so if you see the tool in stock, grab it while you can.

Testing the Hair Blinger Out for Myself

White girl wearing two different hair blinger hairstyles | Mane Addicts

For the purpose of this post, I decided to test out the hair gems in two different styles: one with a ponytail hair extension and one with curled baby pigtails (for my inner child, of course). It was my first time using a ponytail hair extension so the application wasn’t perfect, but it was fun to stamp some hair gems into the luscious pony.

Applying the hair gems into my strands (both synthetic and real) was so easy. I just loaded up the hair blinger with my gems of choice, slide a strand of hair onto the lever underneath, and clamped down on my tresses to add some sparkle. It’s almost like using a stapler… except not at all because you’re applying gems to your hair, but I think you know what I’m getting at.

Verdict? The hair blinger is definitely a tool you need to Y2K-ify your look.

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