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Hair Botox—It’s Not What You Think

You may be asking yourself, “what is hair botox?” And you’d be right to question! When you think of it, you’re likely imagining a ponytail facelift or a doctor injecting various liquids into your scalp—but, that is not the case. The treatments are actually a variety of restorative, deep conditioning processes that will give you healthier, shinier, stronger hair. Think you’re ready to try it for yourself? Here’s everything you need to know about hair botox.

A photo of a woman with long, healthy, shiny hair.
(Image Source: Unsplash / Ali Pazani)

What Is Hair Botox?

In a sense, it’s an intense deep conditioning treatment. While no injectables will be involved, a cocktail of luxurious, hydrating, and nourishing ingredients will be applied to the hair—think essential proteins and amino acids, vitamins, and collagen. The goal of this treatment is to fill gaps within the hair strand while smoothing the cuticle of the hair, which will tame frizz and seal split ends. In the end, your lengths will not only feel smoother but will be stronger and shinier.

Hair Botox Benefits

If you find your locks in need of a reset due to heat or chemical damage, if you struggle with frizz and flyaways, or if your lengths are feeling particularly thirsty, then this treatment is likely right for you. The benefits of this trending treatment almost seem endless, as there is really no “con” to it.

Seal Split Ends

One of the most favored benefits of the hair botox treatment is its ability to seal and soften split ends. Will a hair botox treatment cure split ends for good? Sadly no, a haircut is the only way to rid yourself of existing split ends. But, the treatment will help prevent further split end damage and can keep your lengths protected between cut appointments.

Say Bye to Frizz

Flyaways and frizz are among people’s biggest challenges when styling their hair. If your mane is prone to frizz, from the part line through the lengths, then a hair botox treatment will help immensely. The hydration infused into the hair shaft during the treatment will help hair strands lay down smoother for longer, helping to prevent and control frizz.

Repair Broken Bonds

The biggest benefit of a hair botox treatment is its ability to repair broken bonds within the hair shaft. This happens when hair has been damaged by color, bleach, or heat, and becomes brittle and lifeless. A high-quality hair botox treatment can actually help fill those gaps within the hair’s structure, rebuilding and strengthening the bonds, which will help return your mane to its former glory.

Things to Consider Before Getting Hair Botox

Like any hair undertaking, it’s always good to consider the ins and outs of the treatment before making your appointment. Ideally, it is best to book a consultation before you commit, but in general, there are a few things you should know.

How Much Does Hair Botox Cost?

The cost of a hair botox treatment entirely depends on where you are getting it done. The most effective, high-quality treatments will be done in-salon and can run anywhere from $100 to $300 depending on your location. If you’re performing your own at home you can expect the cost to be a lot lower, though it may not be as effective or as long-lasting.

What Hair Type Is It Best For?

Because no harsh chemicals are involved in a hair botox, any type of hair can benefit from this treatment—from natural to colored and everything in between. Though, those with damaged, thin, or dull hair will feel the most immediate benefits and see a visual difference post-service.

How Long Will It Last?

A quality hair botox treatment should last between two and three months. However, its longevity will entirely depend on how you treat your hair at home. For the treatment to last as long as possible, it’s best to use a sulfate and paraben-free wash regiment, as well as wash your hair only two to three times per week. Keep in mind that while there are no harsh chemicals in a hair botox treatment, there is a reason people say to avoid “too much of a good thing.” If done too frequently, protein and vitamin buildup can occur within the hair and undo all the work you did.

Best Hair Botox Treatments to Use at Home

If you are considering trying a hair botox treatment at home, remember that not all deep conditioners are created equal. Here are our favorites to get you started.

1. Olaplex’s No.3 Hair Perfector

$30 at Olaplex.com

Olaplex may just be the perfect product. The No. 3 Hair Perfector can actually act as a hair botox treatment due to its ability to reduce breakage and strengthen hair, making it look and feel softer and healthier. For the best results, aim to use their full system from wash to finish. For even better results, opt for the salon version. The professional application of this treatment works wonders!

A photo of the Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector, a great choice for an at home hair botox treatment.
(Image Source: Olaplex.com)

2. Nutree Professional’s Brazilian Expert Hair Mask

$64.99 at Nutreecosmetics.com

The Nutree Professional Brazilian Expert Hair Mask is a hugely popular option for an at-home hair botox treatment. Not only will this mask provide deep hydration and a smoothing effect, but it also helps fortify the hair’s structure while sealing and protecting hair color.

A photo of Nutree Professional's Brazilian Expert Hair Mask, a great choice for an at-home hair botox treatment.
(Image Source: Nutreecosmetics.com)

3. Kerazon Hair Botox Treatment

$39.99 at Amazon.com

Another internet favorite, the Kerazon Hair Botox Treatment boasts thousands of happy customer reviews (and several positive write-ups online). This particular hair botox treatment is better suited for those with thick and/or coarse hair who are looking for smoothness as well as volume reduction.

Kerazon's Hair Botox Treatment for at home hair botox.
(Image Source: Amazon.com)

4. Aveda’s Botanical Repair Intensive Strengthening Masque

$65 at Aveda.com

Aveda’s Botanical Repair masque may not say botox on the bottle, but this treatment’s ability to strengthen and repair damaged bonds will drastically improve the look and feel of hair almost instantly. A cocktail of plant lipids, butters, vitamins, and oils come together to create softer, shinier, healthier hair.

Aveda's Botanical Repair Masque, an alternative choice for at-home hair botox treatments.
(Image Source: Aveda.com)

Looking for a botox treatment of the more permanent type? HERE is what you need to know about the ponytail facelift!

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