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How Six Hair Brands Are Responding to COVID-19

COVID-19 has affected the hair industry in ways that we never thought were imaginable. It has left devastation in its wake, but it has also given brands a unique opportunity to get creative with their give-back efforts. Philip B, L’Oreal and R+Co have taken the charge and are paving the way in this arena. Here are how these three brands are giving back during COVID-19 times.

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R+Co Upped Their Commission Policy

R+Co was one of the first brands that sprung into action as soon as news about the virus started spreading. In an effort to support hair professionals during these uncertain times the brand upped their commission policy to now offer a whopping 40% rate for partnering salons and stylists. For industry veterans, its clear to see that this is a wonderful improvement from the standard 15-20% typically offered by other brands. R+Co is also paying out on a weekly basis, helping alleviate some of the financial hurdles that have come about due to the pandemic. The brand also chose to waive credit card fees and offer free shipping to orders placed via their affiliate program.

(via R+Co)

L’Oreal Employee Match Campaign With Feeding America

L’Oréal is a household name when it comes to hair products. The brand’s massive response to the COVID-19 crisis matches its popularity. It announced several initiatives to help alleviate some of the mass devastation the country has seen. As its first initiative, the company launched a corporate donation and employee match campaign with non-profit Feeding America. L’Oreal gave the foundation a $250,000 donation to help support food-insecure Americans. Employees can also let their donations to Feeding America go the extra mile with a dollar-for-dollar match program. As part of a second initiative, the company’s North American manufacturing facilities will shift to production of alcohol-based hand sanitizers. The products will be provided for free to healthcare professionals, employees and partners. Thirdly, the beauty giant is going to donate high demand hygiene products to Feed the Children. The total number of products like cleansers and moisturizers that will be donated will exceed $1 million in value. Last but not least, L’Oreal will donate much-needed N95 masks to local hospitals. How’s that for corporate responsibility?

(via L’Oreal)

Philip B Made Custom Care Packages For Frontline Workers

Anybody that has met celebrity hair guru Philip B can attest that he has one of the biggest hearts in the industry. The man radiate’s love and it was no surprise that he couldn’t watch from the sidelines as the country suffered from COVID-19. He safely activated his team and made custom care packages for frontline workers. Philip B wanted to give emergency care professionals a chance to relax and refresh via self-care. Self-care is a precious commodity these days and giving frontline works these special packages will hopefully lift their spirits.

Hairstory Artist Hotline

Hairstory was one of the first brands to come to the aid of people in the industry. They set up a “hotline”of sorts that gave artists and salon owners tips for navigating these murky waters. From dealing with clients to applying for loans from the Small Business Administration, the brand realized how important it was to be a source of information. In addition to those resources, the brand offers a 25% commission on any stylist or salon sale. If the client were to jump online to purchase additional products, the repeat purchase will also win the commission. The brand has also set up a platform where clients can donate to their artists, it has provided relief amongst and demographic that has been hard hit by COVID-19.

(via Hair Story)

Paul Mitchell $4 Million Stimulus Plan

John Paul Mitchell, which is a leading global manufacturer of professional haircare including the legendary Paul Mitchell brand, is doing their part to support hairdressers with an impressive stimulus plan. The two part plan, which totals $4 million dollars, was created to ease the financial strain on salons while they’re closed. The plan also includes free hair color, free back bar product and enhanced education.

via Paul Mitchell

Dyson Creates the CoVent

The brand behind some of the most innovative hair technology, Dyson, used their engineering expertise to create a new ventilator, the CoVent, to help minimize the scarcity of ventilators. The company, which developed the ventilator in just 10 days, is manufacturing 10,000 units to help ease the strain on British hospitals.

via Dyson

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