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NEED TO KNOW: Embodying a Look of Your Own

JLo caramel highlights

Every beauty icon has one thing in common: a signature mane. It’s easy to reflect on every major icon’s look or image. Whether it’s caramel kissed locks, sultry dark tresses, a short platinum pixie, or a modern buttery lob, our minds can easily generate the most note worthy image. Take a cue from the most powerful icons in history and own your image- it’s your trademark style!

However, staying true to your look is easier said than done. While it’s normal to itch for change, our hair isn’t always the best way express it. Transitioning from one look to another can be costly and take a toll on hair health. Instead of extremes, stay close to your hair’s true identity by changing only an element of the hair. If you are known for beautiful, long sun kissed tresses, try adding face framing highlights and sexy layers for a more tousled, modern look. Dark chocolate wavy locks can easily be updated by adding balayage highlights and a textured long bob. If you have a gorgeous head of natural curls, embrace and accentuate it with a beautiful color. It’s important to remember that having a signature look is perfectly fine as long as you keep it updated. Even the smallest changes in color and cut speak the largest volumes.

rosie huntington whiteley christian wood

Some of the most impressionable people in history are known for their cult worthy manes. Hair is a huge part of how we visually associate images of iconic individuals and their signature styles have set trends for decades. So next time you’re thinking of changing your hair, remember to embrace what works for you and embody that look to stay true to your own trademark style.

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