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Here’s Why Your Favorite Temporary Hair Colors Are Quickly Discontinued, According to an Expert

A big joy of Halloween and costume parties is applying one-time-wear hair color to transform our look for just a night. But have you ever noticed that a go-to spray or paste you used a year ago is nowhere to be found in the present? If you spot a trend in discontinued temporary hair color, there’s actually a reason for that.

Disappointing as it may be, these products come and go because they’re not commonly used—and understandably so.

“When using a temporary hair color, the texture and feel of the hair is completely different than your natural hair,” colorist Brian O’Connor tells Mane Addicts. “Most temporary, one-time wear-and-wash products tend to be that; a product. There’s no running your fingers through your hair, it ends up everywhere.”

Brian adds, “Most temporary products tend to be pastes, sprays and gels that sit on the surface of the hair so you don’t get that true natural look and feel of it. What people want is natural texture and color without the commitment, but you usually can’t have both.”

Your favorite semi-permanent hair color, on the other hand, is far more likely to stick around. 

“As the vibrant hair color trend continues to grow, I think people are testing out the temporary products, loving them, and are more willing to commit to a semi-permanent dye,” O’Connor explains. “My hair dye company (Good Dye Young) currently offers Poser Paste ($18), which is a temporary hair color product. But because Poser Paste is waxed-based, it does add that texture to the hair. Good Dye Young is constantly exploring innovative ways to give people temporary hair color without the texture. We have some really exciting things coming up next year!”

Now that you know why discontinued temporary hair color is so common, HERE are four well-reviewed temporary products that are currently on the market!

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