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This Cool Underneath Hair Color Trend Is Business on Top, Party Underneath

Ok, so maybe the skunk trend isn’t for you (it wasn’t for me either!). But the look—identified by bleach blonde on top and peekaboo black on the bottom (or vice versa)—has expanded outside of just those two hues. Hair color underneath, as it’s referred to by many, now encompasses a wide range of shades, from bold and beautiful to subtle yet striking.

We dug deep into the trenches of Instagram to bring you some of the coolest hair color underneath styles. From daring to unexpected, keep scrolling to see our favs!

Expect the Unexpected

This pop of purple underneath color is especially unassuming because the top chunk is so… basic. With a mousey crown blended into a few bleached sections, there’s a very natural everyday shade placed atop the unexpected bold hue. Consider this statement made!

Ultimate Edge

Black and silver are among the edgiest colors to dye your hair with, period. Put them together, and you’ve got yourself a look. The striking color combo is amplified by the sleek cut and slightly wavy styling.

Radiant Rainbow

We really thought we’d seen it all when it comes to hair color underneath, but we were blown away by this expertly executed rainbow look. Not only do the multiple shades look bold and beautiful, but the brown top layer has a boldness to it of its own that adds radiance to the overall look. While rainbow is typically associated with Pride month earlier in the year, the darker tones here are perfectly fitting for fall.

Hello, Pumpkin!

These two-toned tresses scream all things fall, but there’s nothing basic about ’em! The vibrancy of the orange combined with the rich chocolate brown is the ultimate color combo. The shades fit so seamlessly together that even if orange isn’t your forte, this pairing evens itself out.

Next-Level Neon

We already showed you one rainbow hair color underneath style. But this bold neon look proves rainbow isn’t a one-size-fits-all style. We can’t even imagine how long these stunning strands took, but boy are they lookers!

For other recent color trend roundups, check out THIS list of e-girl hairstyles that took over Summer 2021!

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