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How One Hair Colorist Allowed Me to See a New Version of Myself

I’ve been asked ‘because you work for a hair magazine do you feel the pressure to do your hair?’ My initial response was, ‘No, I feel privileged to be in a space where I’m encouraged to explore artistically whether it’s through wild colors or edgy styles.’ However, one morning I woke up having THE WORST HAIR day and I def did feel the pressure to not be caught in public with an outta control mane—so here’s the low down on how I dealt with one, thanks to Jefferson at The Well LA.

Jefferson at The Well LA

Jefferson pulls inspiration from everywhere: people, personalities, fashion, music, and art. “In LA, our clients always want something easy and current,” he says. This means, “texture, shattered bobs, and the shag are back.” But what does that mean for color? This year we’ve seen everything from chocolate chip cookie color to oil slick hair, so it’s hard to be surprised by anything anymore, but I was ready to elevate my look.

1,000,000% I need easy and current hair, so I’m all in for a major hair upgrade with the Los Angeles rainbow-haired guru. I initially saw Jefferson back in January when I transitioned my dark, dark virgin hair to platinum blonde in one sitting. I know the jaws of the colorists reading this must be dropping in disbelief, but let it be known, this is SO DOABLE. To each their own, but I think it was the combination of Jefferson’s precision and ongoing Olaplex treatments that allowed my hair to maintain the majority of its integrity. Now, five months later, after experimenting with blonde, pastel blue, and now peach, my hair doesn’t feel any different than before I colored it, and for anyone who’s gone blonde, you know that’s rare. Jefferson’s secret for going from dark to light without ruining the hair completely is treating the hair. “Slow and steady wins the race,” he says. Make sure you have time to sit in your colorist’s chair for multiple sessions, all day, or multiple days to get the job done. But be warned that going blonde is not a low-maintenance process. 

While the past couple months have allowed me to have fun switching hair colors like taking on and off a hat, at this appointment I was really inspired by the peachy sherbert shade Kylie Jenner wore to Coachella. Jefferson and I exchanged inspo images, going back and forth for nearly 30 minutes in the best kind of way! You know you’re in good hands when your colorist is willing to take the time for a proper consultation. After our discussion, I trusted Jefferson as an artist. We mutually decided on a peach color melt and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Having the ability to change my hair color frequently from bright and vibrant to muted and pastel means I have a personal twist to fit my style. I feel extra, and people notice it too. My hair is an amazing conversation piece and makes me feel done, even when I don’t have the time to try.

Ashley Alanis Braids by Justine Marjan

What I love about Jefferson is his energy and artistic approach to each client. “Everything is individualized,” he says, “but I love what I do and keeping things fun, high energy, and always positive.” Agreed! Here’s to having fun with your mane!

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