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Is Your Hair Color Making You Look Older?

Let’s be frank: is your hair color making you look (gasp) older? We tapped hair color expert Eddie Rubinov of Eddie Arthur Salon to discuss why some hair color choices can actually age us. Have you noticed that your skin looks duller since dyeing your hair? Are wrinkles and fine lines more prominent now? The answer to this could be that you’re not rocking your ideal hair shade. We were surprised to learn how hair color can affect different age groups, and we’ll be keeping these in mind the next time we’re tempted to switch things up.

“Women in their 20s and 30s can pull off a variety of colors; it’s more about the underlying tones that will enhance and brighten their complexion,” he said. As we get older, hair color options shift focus to better maintain a youthful appearance.

“I like to keep women in their 40s and 50s on more of the brighter and lighter side, especially on hair that surrounds the face frame,” he explained. “It makes their skin pop and opens up their face, giving them a more youthful look and not a hair color that makes them look older,” he added.

Eddie also offered us an example in order to paint a clearer picture of his logic. “If you take two of the same picture and put one in a black frame and the other in a white frame, what do you see,” he asked. “The one in the black frame sharpens every detail in the picture. On the other hand, the one in the white frame appears to be much softer and open,” he stated.

The visual helps us better understand why and how these color mistakes could happen. Switching your hair color is never an easy process. So once you find what works for you and embrace it, it’s all so worth it.

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