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I Absolutely Despise Wearing My Natural Curls, But This Hair System Changed Everything

When you can barely walk through your shower because you have so many hair products blocking it off, that’s your sign to hold off on accepting anything new. And for the longest time, unless something sounded wildly innovative, I turned down opportunities to review new items (especially when it came to shampoo and conditioner). So when I was invited to a 1:1 Zoom with Function of Beauty to introduce their new Target launches, I wasn’t sure what to do. I absolutely wanted to connect with the brand, but I really didn’t have the space (or time!) for new products. But because the brand has a strong reputation, I said what the heck and filled out their customization form. Next thing I knew, Function of Beauty curl care was at my doorstep.

The Products

The brand touts itself as “the world leader in customizable beauty,” and rightfully so. While the one-size-fits-all approach to haircare and skincare is becoming a thing of the past, it’s this brand that I first associated with the new way of thinking. So, when it came time to place my order, I selected my hair type and scent of choice to ensure my products were formulated for me. While traditionally, you select hair concerns or goals in the quiz, the brand’s new Target launch allows you to place up to three so-called “booster shot” pods into each product.

When my Function of Beauty curl care collection arrived, it came with shampoo ($9.99), conditioner ($9.99), a quickie rinse-out hair mask ($9.99) and leave-in treatment ($9.99). The other collections (straight, wavy, coily) each come with the same, except coily also comes with a co-wash. In addition to the products, I also received each booster shot option (which come in sets for $2.99). The brand has literally every hair concern covered: anti-frizz, soothe scalp, deep condition, volume, color protection, shine, curl definition, thermal protection, lengthen and strengthen.

The Experience

I initially brushed the products to the side, but as the beginning of the year kicked off, my hair was in dire condition. It was so bad that I really couldn’t style it anymore. But I also despise my natural curls. They simply don’t look good. But I was desperate—and even though I didn’t expect to try anything new at this point, I figured I had nothing to lose. I’d never used FOB’s products and I was curious. Also, with the introduction of these “booster shots,” I was doubly intrigued. Function of Beauty curl care here we come!

The first thing I noticed was the vibrant aroma. In my hair quiz, I selected the fruity Nude Peach scent of the eight to choose from. While fragrance in beauty products is obviously a personal choice, I happen to love it as long as it doesn’t encourage headaches and it’s not made with toxins. This scent was bold, but very much to my liking! It smelled clean and carefree. I chose my three pods of choice for each product and headed to the shower.

After getting past that first impression, it was on to the formulas. They’re soft and rich, and each one that I applied to my hair felt so thorough. By the time my hair was completely washed, it felt so clean and soft. But the real test would come post-air-dry. Usually when my curls dry, they may look hydrated but they’re not uniform. I was shocked when my curls (somewhat) resembled the ones I’d get from using an iron. Wow, I thought.

I liked them so much that I even went to an event au-natural. My hair felt fresh and light. It didn’t feel bogged down with product or like I wouldn’t be able to pass my hair through a flat iron later if I chose to. As you can see in the video below, I’m not lying (but I am bragging *wink*). Oh, and bear with me—my hair looks a little greasy because it’s not fully dry yet! It definitely doesn’t look that way once fully dried.

Bottom Line

There’s literally zero reason I wouldn’t recommend Function of Beauty curl care. I’ve tried so many curl products—and while they’re fine, it’s extremely rare that I actually go to an event or somewhere that calls for dressing up wearing my natural curls.

There’s so much to love about Function of Beauty’s curl care. For starters, the price is insanely inexpensive. But it’s more the price combined with the all-star ingredients and formulations. Also, the customizable “booster shots” are an added bonus. To top it off, the scent doesn’t dissipate after the hair dries. I love the girly aroma that surrounds me all day long after washing. To note, if fragrance is not your thing, there’s a fragrance-free option, so don’t worry. The brand really has it all covered!

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