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How You Should Cut Your Hair, Based on Your Favorite Taylor Swift Album

We’ve looked into our crystal ball and wispy curls, loose waves and long layers might just be in your future if you’re a Taylor Swift fan. 

Just as Taylor has grown and evolved with her music, so have her luscious locks. Each era is brimming with inspo if you’re in need of a new style or chop and we’re here to provide you with the finest. Whether you prefer cropped, straight hair or longer tight curls, here’s the chop you should go for based on your favorite T-Swift album.

Folklore – Loose Waves & Feathered Bangs

Loose, piecey waves and layers are the name of the game when styling for Folklore aesthetic. Opt for a cut just past shoulder length with feathered bangs for a perfectly ruffled style that will never be obsolete.


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Lover – Wispy, Shorter Layers

Wispy layers with brightly-colored ends is truly the dreamy vibe to go for if you’re a die hard Lover fan. The vivid hues combined with face-framing layers will show your bold, larger than life side. We dig this for a breezy spring snip.


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Reputation – Edgy, Super Short Cut

As Taylor’s most rebellious album to date, it only makes sense to go for an edgy, short chop if Reputation speaks to your soul. You may even feel confident enough to go for a pixie cut which we wholeheartedly support. However, if you’re not quite feeling a full-blown hair hack, we suggest a foxy A-line bob instead.


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1989 – Shoulder Length Lob

Ooze that city attitude with a shoulder length lob. Add side-swept bangs for the ultimate 1989 feel. Shades, not included.


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Red – Long Layers

If you’re particularly drawn to Red, getting longer layers is the way to go. This is the cut to opt for if you don’t want to lose any major length, but would still like a fresh look with more body.


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Fearless – Long Classic Curls

Fearless is all about the curls. This is the style for anyone with coils who might be skeptical about going for a chop. Start small by trimming up your ends with a few shorter-length pieces at the top. It looks striking on baby Taylor, so we have absolute faith you’ll stun in it, too.


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If Folklore is truly closest to your heart, you’ll also need THIS brilliant styling inspo.

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