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I Literally Haven’t Blow-Dried My Hair Since High School, but This Smart Tool Has Inspired Me

I’m well into my 30s, and would you believe I haven’t placed a blow dryer within six inches of my head in literal decades? Sure, I’ve let the pros work their magic over the years—but for me, personally, the last time I put one of these hair tools to work, I literally looked like I put my finger in a light socket. It was just all around bad, and the hour plus it took to look that atrocious just wasn’t it for me. But when an opportunity recently presented itself, a review of the Tineco Moda One hair dryer seemed in order. So, once I received the product, I gave my strands a thorough rinse and embraced the dryer with open arms.

tineco moda one hair dryer | Mane Addicts

The Product

The Tineco Moda One dryer was clearly inspired after the trailblazing, first-of-its-kind Dyson Supersonic, which you know we love here at Mane Addicts HQ. The price point alone for Dyson can be a barrier to entry for most, and for $100 less than the famed hair tool (Tineco is $299 vs Dyson’s $399), this new product offers the three main blow-styling components: styling concentrator, smoothing nozzle, and diffuser. It too comes in a sleek, lightweight form. Tineco’s add-ons are magnetic, so it’s easy to stack them together or easily assemble with the dryer itself. The Tineco comes in three performance modes that operate based on real-time moisture. Of utmost importance, the dryer is exceptionally user-friendly and the instructions are easier to follow than my 9th grade math book (sigh).

The Experience

I had no idea what to expect when I dove into the Tineco Moda One hair dryer. To reiterate the above, the last time I actually put in the time to dry my hair with anything other than natural air was by way of a very low-budget $10 Conair tool (no offense to Conair, but I’m simply recounting my childhood). Everything I’d used up to the present took more than an hour, only to make my hair look like an electrocuted, frizzy mess.

But, to my surprise, Tineco’s product kicked off effortlessly. As soon as I turned it on, I got a feel for how it worked, and how it dried my hair simply by placing the Styling Concentrator nozzle in front of my brush (which wasn’t even equipped to dry hair), as I pulled it down my mane. I captured the entire process on Instagram Story (with timestamps), and it truly took a total of 20 to 25 minutes to completely dry my long, thick, coarse locks. Granted, they weren’t glossy, silken strands—but they absolutely primed the hair for my favorite flat iron to take over.

favorite flat iron to take over | Mane Addicts
Conair tool | Mane Addicts

The Bottom Line

Did the Tineco Moda One Hair Drier live up to what it advertised on its packaging and social media? Absolutely! Do I think a $300 hair dryer is a must-have? Well, probably not. This product is everything it claims to be, but I guess since I’ve been living without any sort of hair drying system for the last 20 years, I know it’s doable. That said, if you’re always on the go, and you fiercely depend on your hair being dry and fly on a whim, then yes, this is worth the investment. Below is my final look. Yes, I paired the drying efforts with my favorite aforementioned flat iron, but I got the whole process done in more than half the time, so yes, this made a difference.

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