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Hair Dye Drops Allow You to Control the Depth of Your Color—Here’s How They Work

Just when we thought we were all caught up on the latest innovations in hair color, Shrine had to pull a fast one on us and introduce DROP IT hair dye drops. While the drops have actually been around for a few years, they’re totally new to us!

Yep, the Gen Z-friendly company, which boasts an array of vibrant makeup and hair products to its name, released said drops in colors ranging from peach to aqua and everything in between. The drops, which can be found online at Sally Beauty Supply or in store at Walmart, allow you to control the color’s intensity—and you can mess around with shades, leading to an entirely new shade altogether.

Eager to learn more about the hair dye drops’ use and how this cutting edge company came to be, we reached out to Shrine’s founder, Jenna Meek. Keep reading for what she had to say!

Mane Addicts: What exactly are hair dye drops and how do they work? 

Jenna Meek: They’re multi-use hair dye drops that are highly pigmented formulas, ranging in eight core colors. The beauty of DROP IT, is it allows you control over the color, from vibrant hues to cool tones, you can really create any shade. You simply add in your desired number of drops into any conditioner or treatment, mix to the shade you want, and apply to damp hair, then voila. They are packaged in all-recyclable material, meaning there is no more single-use plastic waste.

MA: How did Shrine’s hair dye drops come to be? 

JM: I’ve always been a fan of changing up my look and dyeing my hair, but got so frustrated with the industry as it was one shade fits all and, even more so, that everything came in a plastic bottle and was for one use only. I was also always so underwhelmed with the end result as the shade just wasn’t right and I didn’t have that flexibility to try again.

We were playing around with different products and meeting with factories regarding semi-permanent hair dyes, and they explained that it was simply just a pigmented dye, mixed with a conditioner. This sparked something, and then one day I was in an art shop in Manchester, playing around with products and saw these really cool ink drops. I thought they were just so cool and it got me thinking: Imagine if I could do this with something like a hair dye—how fun would this be! Then my team and I made it happen!

MA: Hair dye drops are perfect for someone who… 

JM: Loves to experiment with color and tones. The beauty of DROP IT is you can be the most creative person in the world or someone with absolutely no clue. The flexibility and ease of DROP IT means you can experiment with super vibrant shades, or go for a cool tonal vibe. From toning blonde hair, to a multi-colored rainbow, it really is so versatile and environmentally friendly. It’s guilt-free beauty at it’s finest.

MA: Hair dye drops are probably not for someone who… 

JM: Doesn’t want fabulous hair! Or has really dark hair. The pigmented drops work better on lighter tones or bleach, so the darker your hair the less likely the pigment is to show. However, don’t worry, we have some exciting things coming, so watch this space!

MA: Tell us a bit about Shrine in general and how the brand was developed. What is your career background? 

JM: This is always an exciting one! I started off as a Product Developer from Burberry in London. I loved my career, but always felt like I wanted to do something a bit more exciting and creative. So I took a leap and decided to quit my job there and take the summer to get super creative and work at some of the UK festivals. I started off by body painting—as this was also part of my background too, as a creative, offering jeweled and glitter looks. It was only then that I thought I could pre-make something like what I’m creating for people to do themselves.

I then used my background as a Product Developer, found a factory, got some samples and stalked every buyer there was and finally got a response from Topshop—which was literally a dream come true! From there, we had some amazing [editorial coverage] coverage, which took the brand from 0-100 overnight, and the rest is history. Five years later and it’s been a whirlwind of a journey, but I still can’t believe how far we’ve come!

MA: Is there anything else you’d like to add about hair dye drops or Shrine? 

JM: They’re a world’s first product. They were decided from a completely new concept with a lot of research and time that went into them. I wanted to create something that answered problems—problems that I faced when dyeing my hair, and we did exactly that.

They’re multi-use, you can create any shade and use time and time again. There are up to 200 drops in each bottle and the product is a really great value. There are now eight core colors, which means endless shades They’re vegan, cruelty-free and are non-permanent, meaning you can try without committing. Finally, you apply using conditioner, or treatment, so they’re super nourishing for your hair. 

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