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Hair Enameling Is the Latest Take on the Wet Hair Trend Celebrities Are Loving

The wet hair trend has quickly risen from cult favorite to mainstream classic. Unique, daring, but surprisingly simple, this avante grade aesthetic always makes its way to the runway or the red carpet in some form. The latest trendy iteration of the wet hair look? Hair enameling. This heavily-lacquered look is more “hair helmet” than touchable gloss. A high-shine sculptural, rock ‘n’ roll plaster aesthetic, hair enameling debuted on the runways of this year’s fashion month. Since then, it has become a red carpet staple and a street style must. These six enameled looks prove the point.

1. Enameled Helmet Hair

Tory Burch practically brought this look back in February. These shellacked updos are the epitome of the hair enameling trend.


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A post shared by Tory Burch (@toryburch)

2. Dry Ends

Gigi Hadid is always on trend. Her enameled bun with dry ends made a statement at this year’s Met Gala.


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A post shared by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid)

3. Lacquered Waves

The ’20s faux bob pairs perfectly with an enameled hair look. Ultra glossy but perfectly sculpted, these pin curls are just precious.


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A post shared by TATSUYA SUZUKI (@tatsuyasuzuki_)

4. Plastered Flyaways

We’ll say it again: hair enameling is truly versatile. Far from the touchable wet looks of the past, Altuzarra’s plastered flyaways are the ideal update on this aesthetic.


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A post shared by ALTUZARRA (@altuzarra)

5. Glossy Bun

Bella Hadid took this wet hair trend to new heights with a glossy, gelled ’50s-inspired chignon. This level of shine can only be achieved with the hair enameling process.


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A post shared by Bella 🦋 (@bellahadid)

6. Edgy Bun

The center-parted low bun with a lacquered update. Smoothed and sealed to perfection, Hailey Bieber’s updo is iconic.

Want to try out the wet look? HERE is how to get it, according to a celebrity hairstylist!

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