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Hair Essentials for a Jet Set Life

Airport Travel

The struggle is real for haircare obsessed babes like ourselves when it comes to living an on-the-go lifestyle. Because while we’re under the impression that there’s no such thing as too many haircare products, our carry-on luggage begs to differ. To spare you Sophie’s choice when it comes to choosing from your beauty arsenal, we’ve selected our essentials for a jet set life—all TSA approved to boot.

travel essentials

  1. Featherweight compact folding dryer Cheap hotel blow dryers are anything but a girl’s best friend. Skip the sh**ty blowout and opt for an ultra-light weight dryer that packs a professional punch. Our go-to model has a folding handle for storage or on the fly styling.
  2. Bumble and bumble Travel Shampoo and Conditioner Chances are you paid good money for your highlights. Don’t eff them up with the generic shampoo in your hotel shower. Instead, use a tag team shampoo and conditioner that saves your shade and hydrates from the inside out.
  3. Hair Oil If you’re short on space, maximize your beauty efforts with a multitasking oil that smoothens frizz and seals split ends with a high-gloss, super sheen finish.
  4. Dry Shampoo Dry shampoo is the reigning MVP of any jetsetter’s beauty bag. Whether you’re trying to extend the life of a Day 1 blowout or add some texture to achieve a perfect ponytail, this little miracle is bound to be your saving grace.
  5. Treatment Masque Dry cabin air can wreak havoc on any frequent flyer’s mane. It’s essential to replenish the moisture lost up in the air with a deep treatment made to restore and repair.


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