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Yes, Hair Fillers Are a Real Thing—Here’s How They Work

By now we’re all familiar with the term fillers. The popular dermatology treatment has risen to the status of mainstream mainstay in the past few years. But did you know that fillers aren’t just for the face? Hair fillers are quickly becoming an industry standard solution to brittle, broken strands.

What exactly are hair fillers? Turns out, that’s a little tough to pin down. That’s why we consulted Jamie Mazzei, creative director for NuBest Salon & Spa in Manhasset, New York, and celebrity colorist Bianca Hillier to get an expert breakdown on all things hair filler. Read on for the full explanation below!

What Is Hair Filler?

“Hair fillers are products that help our often times damaged hair, feel stronger and healthier,” Mazzei explains. Unlike fillers for your skin, hair fillers are more of a catch-all category for in-salon treatments and at-home bond-building products. Think keratin treatments or Olaplex’s signature line. “Hair fillers are used as a noninvasive treatment for thinning hair on the scalp,” Hillier adds. They often give an appearance of thick and full hair for 24 hours but “achieve long-term results by providing nutrients in the hair,” according to Hillier.

What Are Their Benefits?

Hair-filling products come with a number of luxe benefits. “This remedy is beneficial to strengthen and thicken hair against thinning, pollution, and mistreatment,” Hiller explains. “The filler creates fullness with longevity.” The name kind of says it all—these treatments quite literally “fill in” missing molecules within your mane, for added fullness and damage-free strands. “The benefit of a hair filler is that you can help make damaged hair stronger,” Mazzei says. “This not only helps the hair to look better but it can also help keep our long hair from breaking as well.” One important note: “most hair-filling products last a few shampoos, however, it is important to continue using them to keep seeing the benefits.”

How Do You Use Hair Filler Products?

As with all in-salon and at-home hair treatments, hair fillers come with some caveats to consider. “I like my clients to know that not all hair fillers are created the same,” Mazzei explains. “I caution them from overusing keratin which can make the hair dull and brittle over time.” According to our expert, protein-based fillers can eventually weigh down your hair. Careful product selection can lessen these effects (he recommends No Fade Fresh’s BondHeal mask—a cost-effective filler for those looking for an at-home solution).

If you’re opting for an at-home process, Hillier recommends simply shampooing and towel-drying hair prior to application. “Since it’s targeting the cortex of the hair you do not want conditioner prior, this conditioner will act as a barrier and make it more difficult for the filler to make a difference,” she says.

Best Hair Filler Products

1. No Fade Fresh BondHeal

$9.49 at Amazon.com

A salon-quality hair filler with a price tag we can get behind. “This mask uses a bond building strengthener which is a derivative from sugar,” Mazzei explains. This unique formula strengthens the hair from the core to the surface, making it ideal for weightless, daily use.

(Image Source: Amazon.com)

2. Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector

$30 at Sephora.com

A tried and true classic, Olaplex’s No. 3 Hair Perfector formula never ceases to disappoint. This targeted treatment helps to repair and reseal bonds in even the most brittle strands. “Their patented bond building technology is able to reconnect the disulfide bonds in the hair which are the most important to repair for hair strength and overall hair health,” Hillier explains. That’s why she recommends this product as part of your weekly regimen.

(Image Source: Sephora.com)

3. K18 Molecular Repair Mask

$75 at Amazon.com

Everyone’s new favorite product line makes a killer hair filler. With patented peptide technology, this leave-in mask works to repair all types of damage.

(Image Source: Amazon.com)

4. OGX Restoring & Bonding ‘Plex Treatment

$17.99 at Walmart.com

Improve softness and eliminate frizz with this price-conscious hair filler by OGX. To seal the deal, this product forms a protective barrier around your strands.

(Image Source: Walmart.com)

Hair fillers aren’t the only thing that has piqued our interest lately, so are ponytail facelifts. Learn all about the procedure HERE!

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