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Hair Graffiti Artist Sets Beauty World Abuzz

ZZzzzz. Festival hair everywhere had us bored outta our brains—even Pinterest had failed us. Our unimpressed derrieres got a rad awakening from Salon Aguayo hairstylist Janine Ker’s sick hair stencil designs. Unlike graffiti IRL, it’s legal, temporary, and looks lit on short and long locks alike. Florals, polka dots, and hearts sprayed onto hair have us throwing our hands in the air, hell yeah. Scroll ahead for our Q&A with the artist whose hair art just set the beauty world abuzz. 

What kinds of stencils are these? Are they one-time use or disposable?

I make most of the stencils that I use, but I also purchase them at craft stores. Both are reusable. The kind I purchase are usually made of a washable plastic material. At the moment, I own about 40-50 individual stencils.

What kind/brands of color do you use?
Joico makes a great product called Instatint! (it also smells amazing) I also use the temporary hair color sprays you can find at Party City or Walmart.

Who’s the ideal candidate for hair graffiti?
I feel like the technique suits anyone! It’s more about securing the style first and making sure you have an area to create on. I suggest a simple updo (top knot, ponytail, twin buns) to start, because it automatically gives you a still surface to spray on.

How do you prevent the colors from bleeding over each other?
Shake the product well first, make sure you are not too close when you are spraying it, and sometimes I use my hand or a separate piece of paper to shield the over spray.

How long does it take you to graffiti the hair?

On the average person, 5-30 minutes depending on the complexity of the design.

How long do the designs last on hair?

According to manufacturers suggestions, it lasts one shampoo, which is great. A general hairspray can help seal it in longer.  

How much damage (if any) do they cause the hair?

I haven’t noticed much damage at all. The sprays are like chalk pigments, so they can make the hair feel dry/chalky when they are on.  I would definitely use caution on porous hair, as with any hair color/pigment.  

Is there anything that long-haired girls can do to prevent designs from budging?

I would say to consider movement and how much that will play into your hairstyle. On long haired models, I secure the hairstyle first with hairspray before I create the design. Or I have also done it in an area that I know will not move much, like the crown, or bangs.

Is this something the average girl can do on her own? If so, do you have any tips?
Stencils make art making easy for everyone and anyone.  I would definitely suggest partnering up with a friend to do each other’s hair, but I have seen individuals do some really cute designs on their own!  

Can these designs be done on pets?
The funny thing is that I got several messages from Pet Groomer’s since the work has gotten attention!  And it is!  Now, those are some pretty intense creations!  

Brb stalking @janine_ker_hair for more hair graffiti goodness.

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