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Is Meditation Missing from Your Hair Routine?

Kama Hagar is a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach and meditation queen who knows the struggle is real when it comes to hair growth. Looking at her cascading blonde hair, you wouldn’t know that she ever struggled with getting her locks the right length – but she did. That all changed, however, when she introduced meditation into her life. We chatted with Kama about how to introduce meditation and why it has a huge effect on hair quality.

Hair Pre-Meditation Practice

“I picked my best friend in Kindergarten because I thought she had the most beautiful hair,” recounts Kama. “This is a terribly shallow fact, but truly, I have always been obsessed with hair. My locks have suffered years of bleach, hot styling tools, clip-in extensions (yes, just clip-in), improper washing, and violent sleeping habits (I toss and turn like a maniac in my sleep, brittling my hair).”

Like many of us, Kama’s hair wish was simple. All she wanted was for the ends of her hair to grow long. As she describes it, “Just to grow a few inches past the nips and the dream is fulfilled.”

Meditating for Peace of Mind (and Hair)

She notes that she’s tried everything, declaring that she’s living proof there’s a remedy—and we bet it isn’t anything you’ve normally associated with haircare.  “After starting a daily meditation practice, my hair passed the finish line. My shafts grew a solid 3 inches in 5 months aka about 1.5x the average growth rate and about 5x my normal growth rate.”

“Meditation helps nearly everything,” Kama continues. “In this case, meditation’s greatest benefit comes from its ability to lower cortisol levels (aka stress-reduction). What’s stress reduction good for? Aside from improved mood, more energy, greater sense of clarity and focus and even anti-aging properties, it also prevents hair-loss.”

Three Simple Ways to Try Meditation

Meditation can seem intimidating but there are ways to ease into it. Here are three simple steps to begin calming down.

  1. Tune into your senses. This mindfulness-based form of meditation only requires five minutes. Notice what you’re seeing, smelling, tasting, feeling and hearing in a given moment to practice presence. Slowing down in this way helps center and alleviate stressful thoughts.
  2. Breathe in equal parts. Yogis call this “Sama Vritti,” and it is known to cause a state of equilibrium in the mind and body. Set a timer for any given amount of time (16-seconds to 30 minutes) and inhale for four seconds, hold the breath for four seconds, exhale for four seconds and hold the breath out for four seconds. Repeat as many times as you’d like.
  3. Scan your physical body. We carry so much tension in our muscles and even our cells! Mind and body are so interconnected that relaxing one will help relax the other. Try scanning your body from head to toe, relaxing everything along the way. This is best done lying down and can even help with sleep!

Tips to Ease into a Meditation Practice

Once you’ve tried out meditation, take it to the next level and slowly, slowly you can transition into making it a habit – this is when you’ll truly reap the benefits of your chill out efforts.

  1. Be gentle. Don’t force yourself into 30-minutes as a newbie. Start with even one minute. Get comfortable. Be nice to yourself when you drift. Just be kind and gentle.
  2. Be consistent. Even if you only meditate two minutes every day, that is profound. Just do it and keep going.
  3. Find what you like. There are so many different types of meditation and so many different intentions that can be brought to the table. Try a few and see what resonates. It may change day to day or you may find your groove. From mindfulness to guided imagery to mantra, there’s something calming and helpful out there for you.

The best times to meditate vary from person to person and schedule to schedule, though I like meditating first thing in the morning and/or in the evening. It starts and finishes my day with peace.

No Judgement

The biggest takeaway from a meditation practice is to stop being so hard on yourself – maybe when you let up, your hair will follow. “Meditation is personal and introspective practice. Every time will be different and every person’s experience will be different. Don’t compare or expect anything, just drop in and notice what happens in your life as a result,” continues Kama.

HERE’s another way to chill and encourage hair growth.

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