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7 Good Hair Habits You Need to Pick Up ASAP

Behind every gorgeous mane are hero products and a gal who goes the extra mile to keep her tresses in tip-top shape. Like that gal, you don’t need a glam squad to get IG-worthy hair everyday—nah, all you need is a handful of good hair habits to maintain your hair’s happiness. Take note of these seven habits  that’ll get you one step closer to your hair #goals.  


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1. Service you scalp

With a healthy scalp comes healthy hair so ignoring an itchy, flaky, oily, or dry scalp is a major no-no. Use the appropriate product for your scalp issue, like a clarifying shampoo that removes build-up and dandruff. For extra scalp TLC, massage invigorating oils like peppermint or olive into it to hydrate and stimulate.

2. Moisturize

While most of us have no problem washing and conditioning our hair, it’s super easy to forget about maintaining daily moisture.  Avoid dryness and breakage by moisturizing your strands with creams, oils, butters, or even hair mists. Incorporate this habit into your life by tending to your strands in the morning and/or (depending on how dry or oily your hair is) before you go to sleep.

3. Deep condition weekly 

Contrary to popular belief, deep conditioners should be used way more often than not. Deep conditioner treatments restore and repair hair from everyday pollution and damage. Try making it a Sunday spa day ritual: pamper your mane with a thorough cleansing, smoothing conditioner, and hydrating hair mask.

4. Trim regularly

This is a classic tip. A quick trim instantly spruces up strands, allowing your mane to flourish in growth and all-around fabulousness.

5. Give the heat a rest

Too much of a good thing isn’t always so great, and that goes for heat. Excessive heat can do serious damage to your strands. But for the glam-obsessed, a heat-free lifestyle 100% of the time is unrealistic. An easy way to cut back? Less frequent blow-drys—get into the habit of allowing your hair to air dry. Every little bit of effort counts!

6. Pop vitamins

The cool thing about vitamins is that a lot of them nourish the whole body, in addition to working wonders for your mane. Vitamins and supplements like Biotin, iron, and, Vitamin C help support hair growth, reduce hair loss, and increase strength.

7. Stick to a routine

Practice makes perfect. Create a healthy hair regimen that fits your lifestyle then stick to it. A deep-conditioner treatment every once in a while won’t cut it, but remember— a little consistency goes a long way with our locks.

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