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Hair Hack: Pastel Color 101

We’ve seen pastel hair everywhere lately; it’s on models and celebrities, from the catwalk to the sidewalk. We love the look, and even more we love how simple, fun, and temporary it can be. Pastel colors can easily be mixed and applied at home and we’ve put together an easy to follow how-to right here!SUPPLIES NEEDED:

  • Vibrant or dark color that you want to make pastel [we love working with Jerome Russell’s Punky Colors and Manic Panic  because of their wide variety of gorgeous colors]
  • Silicone free, white conditioner [Loreal’s new EverSleek line is sulfate and silicone free and you can’t beat the $5.99 price tag!]
  • Rubber gloves
  • Mixing bowl
  • Color application brush


  1. Pour the silicone free white conditioner into the bowl. Make sure it’s enough to cover all of your hair— you don’t want to try remixing the same color half way through!
  2. Begin adding small amounts of your vibrant color to the conditioner. Thoroughly mix the two to see the true pastel outcome.
  3. Continue adding the vibrant color until your mixture is just right!
  4. Section your hair and start applying the color! Work from root to end and make sure all strands are evenly saturated.
  5. Once your hair is fully covered twist it into a bun at the top of your head, secure with a clip, and cover with a shower cap.
  6. Begin checking the color after 20 minutes by rinsing a small strand of hair to see the final color [remember color looks darker when wet] and continue checking every 5-10 minutes until your desired color is achieved. The color will typically be on for 30-45 minutes.
  7. Rinse with cold water and dry.


It’s important to use a white conditioner as your base because a yellow tinted conditioner will alter your mixed color. It’s also important to use a silicon free base because it allows the color to adhere to your hair better. Silicone based conditioners may leave your hair silky and smooth but they also leave your color blotchy and inconsistent.

When you mix your color try to remember [better yet, write down] how much color and conditioner you mixed so you can recreate it again! Pastel color rinses out fairly quickly so we like to mix the color slightly darker than we want so after the first wash it will be perfect.

Pastel colors work best on white to light colored hair. Dark hair doesn’t take pastels well— think about drawing on black paper with a highlighter… doesn’t work, does it?

Now that you know how to get the look, try it out for yourself and let us know how it goes in the comments!

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