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6 Hair Health Trends to Have on Your Radar in 2022

It’s no secret that scalp care was the unanimously biggest hair health trend in 2021. We can’t tell you how many scalp scrubs and pre-wash treatments make up our product bins—and we’re here for it! But with each new year comes new developments in every field. And naturally, hair health trends in 2022 are already on the rise.

Curious what to expect in the year ahead? Well, in addition to the continued push for general scalp care (and rightfully so!), below are health trends you can expect to see everywhere this year.

hair health trends in 2022 | Mane Addicts
(via Unsplash)

Holistic Haircare

Along with the evolution of social media has come consumers’ widened general knowledge of everything around them. People are becoming more aware of the fact that improving hair health, for example, is dependent on more than just using the right shampoo. In addition to scalp care and all things related directly to the hair itself, people are taking a more holistic approach, ingesting supplements and following cleaner and more organic, nutrient-rich eating plans that improve their overall health. They’re going a more natural route to fix whatever issues exist longterm, as opposed to quick fixes that don’t actually adhere to what’s going on as a whole. At the end of 2021, Vegamour launched its GRO system centered around full mind and body wellness. And Shaz & Kiks and Fable & Mane tie ancient East Asian health rituals into the use of their products. More brands are expected to follow suit in the year to come.

Less Heat Damage

Thanks to TikTok, #curlyhairdontcare became a trending hashtag, while no-heat hairstyles have grown immensely in popularity. With the development of next-level haircare, combined with the spike in COVID cases and the increased attention people began paying to their tresses, consumers will continue opting for more natural hairstyles in 2022, as opposed to daily use of curling and flat irons.

no-heat hairstyles | Mane Addicts
(via Unsplash)

‘Splash Formulas’

Late 2020-2021 saw a rise in showerless shampoo, and 2022 is expected to be the year of “splash formulas.” These are highly concentrated formulas that don’t require thorough rinsing, but rather a light splash and pat onto the hair. These products’ high-viscosity molecules could aid the rinsing ritual, boosting the shampoo’s internal flow so that less water is needed to cleanse.

Mindful Haircare

Hair health trends in 2022 are moving towards a mindfulness model. We’ve previously seen aromatherapy-focused shampoos and conditioners, but in the new year, we’ll see haircare merge with health supplements. Examples include a brush-on gel formulated with scented transdermal magnesium Epsom salt (a natural muscle relaxer and pain reliever booming in the body care space). The gel would be applied to pulse points to boost mood prior to the hair care regimen. WGSN urged, “Forward-thinking brands should start investigating this now.”

Medical Grade Scalp Treatments

Scalp care will still very much be at the forefront of 2022 hair importance—but on an even greater level. Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) injections became more common at the end of 2021, and they’re not expected to die down any time soon. People are gravitating more and more toward these treatments to prevent hair loss and improve overall hair health.

Medical Grade Scalp Treatments | Mane Addicts
(via Unsplash)

Antibacterial Haircare

This sounds like a no-brainer, yet whad’ya know? Antibacterial haircare hasn’t been done. That’s about to change in 2022. Brands and consumers alike are finally grasping the concept that our germ-collecting fingers touch our hair—and therefore hold on to what can lead to COVID, among other things. Brands are reportedly developing antibacterial haircare products that are safe for customers, including cleaning sprays, antibacterial shampoos and antibacterial moisturizers. 

For more hair health importance, HERE are results you should expect after using scalp treatments regularly.

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