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My Faded COVID-19 Highlights Remind Me of the Embarrassing Bleached Streaks I Had in High School

July 24 was the fateful date of my originally scheduled post-quarantine hair appointment. December was the last time I came in for color, and here I was, more than six months later, about to embark on what was once an easily accessible part of my maintenance routine.

Welp! I’m sitting here writing this because the date came and went, and my hair never saw foils. L.A. shut down non-essential businesses yet again, and it just so happened to fall two weeks before my coveted appointment.

Here I am, almost two months later, and I’m comically embracing what’s a cross between skunk hair and the embarrassing bleached streaks I got in high school. I had no business attempting blonde in my hair—let alone the burnt orange that my incompetent “colorist” (I don’t even think we can call him that) was capable of doing. He was like 70 and my mom pushed me to see him (oh, parents… sometimes they really do know it all—and other times, not so much). I couldn’t find a photo, so I’m going to give you a visual via someone else’s IG (imagine this [which isn’t bad at all!], but in the ’90s, done by someone who knows nothing about color!):

Anyway, when quarantine first kicked off, I had rich, mahogany peekaboo highlights. They were the perfect combination of bold yet not distracting since they were tucked underneath a layer of hair. I felt powerful and confident with the way my hair was.

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Then, as the months of quarantine endured, my color began to fade (which is obviously expected). At one point it was a dark cotton candy pink, which was fun because I’d never seen my hair like that. Then, once I hit the pool for the first time, it definitely lightened up. And then, before I knew it, it was this weird orangey brownish blonde. While it could certainly be worse (like if I had the streaks atop my head a la senior year), it definitely looks strange at this point. Like the color just doesn’t go. For reference, below is an otherwise flattering photo of me, but come on—that color!

Because I’m sure you’re dying to know, I have another appointment (hopefully for reals this time) scheduled for Oct. 9. It’s been so long that I feel like I have to think long and hard about this. I need my comeback hair to really make a statement. Keep it locked on this site, because I’m sure I’ll return with an update!

If you want to read about my journey of getting to the bold, burgundy hair color I love, click HERE for the story!

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