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The Most Common Qs About Hair Implants, According to a Celebrity Doctor

Hair implants… the great beyond. We have questions about hair implants and it turns out everyone else does too. We reached out to Dr. John Layke, celebrity plastic surgeon and co-founder of the innovative Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group plus Beverly Hills MD, to find out the burning questions he’s asked when it comes to hair implants—and possibly save you a consultation fee. Here’s what you need to know about hair implants and some key advice from Dr. Layke. Hint, if you’re thinking of going through with it, remember that photos speak louder than words.

Girl showing off her brown hair bob to the camera while covering her face
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To get things started, we asked what are the most common questions about hair implants? Dr. Layke has obviously heard it all because he rattled off question after question. “Do I have to do it more than once? Does it look natural? How long until I see the results? Are there any adjunct treatments to ensure the success of hair transplantation?” he says. So, how does he answer these questions?

“Usually one session is successful, depending on the degree of balding. If most hair is completely gone and you are still a candidate, multiple sessions will be necessary. Yes, single follicular unit hair transplantation looks completely natural. It usually takes 6-12 months to see the final results. You can inject the scalp with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or exosomes to ‘boost’ results,” he tells us.

It turns out hair implants have become more common, hence the influx in questions. According to the doc, they have become “increasingly popular over the last several years, especially because FUE (single follicular unit) hair transplantation has gained popularity.”

Hair can really affect your self-esteem and Dr. Layke notes that anyone on the fence should note that it “gives men and women a second chance!” The surgery is relatively low risk and well worth it for the right person. “Risks are minimal but can include infection or partial graft failure.” Perhaps the most important takeaway he shares is when you’re searching for a physician to work with on your implant journey, ask to see examples from previous candidates. “Look at a physician’s before and after photos to see their success,” he notes.

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