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Your Ideal Hair Look, Based on Your Favorite Holiday Movie

It’s about time to bust out the decorations, make steaming hot cocoa, and most importantly, watch your holiday favorites on repeat.

We’re constantly on the lookout for mane-spiration and there’s no better place to find it than our beloved December films. Whether you’re into Hallmark-level cheese or simply love the classics, here are all the whimsical hairstyle ideas you need this season, based on your favorite holiday movie.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (Sally’s Fiery Locks)

This flawlessly animated film never gets old. We’ve always been obsessed with Sally’s fiery red locks and there’s no better time than now to unleash this sort of color and style. Big, loose curls are the perfect complement to this shade of bold. And if you choose to rock this red, you’ll be able to hint you’d like some stocking stuffers for the upkeep of your new, brighter look.

White Christmas (Betty and Judy Haynes’ Elegant Updo)

If you’d prefer going the more classic route, opt for an elegant style a la Betty and Judy Haynes from White Christmas. We swoon over their costumes in this movie like, every day of our lives, so it only makes sense to channel them further with a stunning holiday updo. Adding adorable accessories like mistletoe to the back would be a surprise no one would expect.

Elf (Jovie’s Lightly Curled Lob)

Jovie’s mane in Elf is honestly just everything, amirite? A lob looks gorgeous at any time of the year, but her lightly curled version brings us all the holiday joy we’ll ever need. The best part? If you already have this cut, it’s the easiest thing in the world to whip up this style!

Love Actually (Juliet’s Chic Low Bun)

There’s nothing more romantic than a chic low bun and Juliet in Love Actually totally proves it. She dressed hers way up with delicate feathers, but you can make yours casual by simply adding a floral hair accessory. All the magic in half the time.

Noelle (Noelle’s Half-Up Half-Down Style)

Okay, everything Noelle wears in this Disney holiday comedy (hairstyles and wardrobe) screams epic. What caught our attention the most for hair inspo however, was her gorgeous, half-up top knot. It’s such an uncomplicated style but looks so cute at any holiday gathering.

We always find amazing hair-spiration in movies, but we also find next-level color ideas whenever we hit Starbucks.

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