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11 Hair Looks for the Low Key Bride

This post is dedicated to my friend Katie, who is getting married in October and doesn’t know what to do with her hair.

A decidedly low key bride herself – despite countless hours spent watching high maintenance women absolutely lose it in a white dress – she has left her wedding hair look up to fate and possibly me, depending how she feels about this inspo list. Some backstory – Katie planned her entire wedding in an impressive amount of time, but this variable has been left out. This is understandable considering the stakes are higher for everything when it comes to nuptials, from the wine selection to the personality of the DJ, but the hair is truly make or break it in a way that something like shoes, are just not. When you look back at your wedding photos, you don’t want your hair dating you, so it’s best not to get too trendy or over-the-top. On the flip side, a drab hair look can drag everything else down, paling the other beauty elements of the big day. So, what’s a low key bride to do? From subtle bombshell hair, a timeless braid, to a classic bun and statement earrings, these no-fail looks would work for any anti-bridezilla on the best day of her life.

Bombshell Hair

Bring your bombshell game on the big day; this can’t go wrong sleek look serves as the perfect setting for a veil and won’t look dated in pictures.

Simple and Sophisticated

Earrings are often overlooked but they can be a great way to frame your face, off-set your veil and add a touch of blue (or vintage). A classic middle part low bun is universally flattering, low maintenance, and clearly looks gorgeous.

Playful Romance

A bow done right strikes the impossible balance between romance and fun, playful and dressed up – and a half-up style is the perfect way to show it off.

Stunning S Curl

S curls concentrated to your ends have the power to subtly elevate your style. Lines are clean yet touchable, giving bounce and body to your mane without running the risk of overdoing it. Pro tip – add a hint of shimmer spray to glam up the style in an unexpected way.


Sleek Chignon

A sleek chignon with a strong side part and styled edges is a decidedly non-basic way to wear a formal up-do.


Loose Waves

Curls are romantic, and your wedding is one of the most romantic days of your life – it’s literally the spectacle of romance. Make sure you look the part (even while sticking true to your lowkey self) and embrace or create tender, tactile waves. Unlike a woke-up-like-this look, these curls are defined and purposeful thanks to just the right amount of product, a center part, and length. We suggest extensions to bring the right amount of drama but make sure you test them well before you actually tie the knot.


Flower Crown

If you’re a boho bride, missing Coachella, or want to work in some flowers, a curated flower crown may be exactly what the stylist ordered. Offset your statement hair piece with a bouncy straight hair style. Your wedding day isn’t the time for flat hair!

Intricately Pretty

Baby’s breath interwoven into a half-up half-down style that culminates in a fishtail braid is so pretty and easy seeming (emphasis on seeming) that we think this might be the one!

Lived In Bun

A lived in knot-bun graduates from the living room to the reception with a blingy tie-around accessory and face-framing curls that don’t remind us of prom in the 00s.

Jeweled Volume

Don’t feel pressured to erase tight curls on your wedding day – a voluminous look rounded off with a hair jewel is very starlet without trying, which is all we strive to be.

Veil Framing

The veil is centerstage here, which means the hair can take a backseat. Whether a low pony, bun, or braid, face framing strands add depth.


If you’re a short hair bride to be, wear your mane like THIS.

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