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MANESPIRATION: A Hair Makeover with Louise Roe

If you know anything about fashion, you know Louise Roe. As a designer, writer, TV host, and impeccable curator, this woman knows a thing or two about style. With a new book and website appropriately titled Front Roe, we now have a first hand glimpse behind her fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. So when we got wind that the fashionista was ready for a hair change, we knew we had to be there to ensure that her new hair matched her flawless taste.

louise before hair makeover meche salon

Louise met Chris Greene and Danny Rishoff for the first time at Meche Salon. With a new style in mind, we enlisted some of our favorite talents at the Beverly Hills salon to give Louise just what she needed for summer.

Hair Cutting Tools

Louise describes her personal style as “mixing up a tailored piece with something laid-back. A pencil skirt and a thin cotton tank, or denim cut-offs with a stripey silk shirt. LA lends itself well to a kind of informal-but-chic style, you can go to a meeting in pretty much anything. But my rule of thumb is to always have fabulous shoes!” With such defined clothing taste, we knew her hair had to be effortless so not to distract from what she’s wearing, yet still something chic and modern.

Louise Roe Hair Makeover Meche Salon Mane Addicts

It was actually Louise’s idea to go short, yet not too short. She came into the salon with a grown out lob, the shortest her length had been. Danny was actually surprised to find out she wanted to cut quite a bit of length off. “I initially didn’t think Louise was going to come in wanting to cut a lot of hair,” he admitted, “but she was feeling daring! We decided the shorter length would suit her face shape and frame her features nicely.”

Louise Roe Hair Makeover Meche Salon Mane Addicts

“I’m off to Asia to film for 6 weeks and the heat will be intense, so I wanted a shorter cut for practical reasons…but I also wanted to have some fun and experiment,” she said. With 6 weeks away, we had to be sure to give her something that could grow out nicely or easily transition if she decided to let it eventually grow longer.

Louise Roe Hair Makeover Meche Salon Mane Addicts

Danny notes “a lot of women will enjoy having some fun with layers while they’re growing out a shorter, blunt length. I have a lot of clients coming in and we’re turning their grown out lobs and bobs into cool layery shags.”

Hair Color Tools Mane Addicts Meche Salon

Colorist Chris Greene is all about hair color that is “wearable and flattering,” opting to compliment her new short length with soft, blonde highlights.

Louise Roe Hair Makeover Mane Addicts Meche Salon

Still a newbie to color, she wasn’t quite ready to go bold with her hue. Chris explains, “Louise likes to keep things looking natural, like it could have happened in the sun and salt water. I chose this sun kissed blonde for Louise’s mids and ends because it worked with her skin tone and her darker base color. It looks like the type of color that could have been achieved while on a 2 week beach vacation!”

Louise Roe Hair Makeover Chris Greene Mane Addicts Meche Salon

He ensures that color like this is “super easy to maintain! I usually say to my clients, you’ll want to come back in for some more bright pieces before you actually need to come in for a touch up! It’s the kind of color that grows out effortlessly!”

Louise Roe Hair Makeover Chris Greene Danny Rishoff Mane Addicts Meche Salon

“If your scared or nervous of hair color, go with something soft and subtle. Ask your colorist for a finer highlight in a tone that’s not too far from your natural. The sun would naturally lighten your hair around your face, which is why soft face framing highlights are a good place to start. It will liven up your look and complement your skin and eyes,” says Chris, who has over 14 years in the hair care business.

At the end of the day, Louise’s skin was glowing, “this is awesome!” she said, “I’ve never gone this short! It feels so fresh and young. We added some blonde accents too, which really lifted everything – it’s perfect for summer.” Though an England native, Louise left the salon looking like the chicest California beach girl.

If you’re a colorist yourself and want to learn a thing or two about flawless hair color, we suggest you check out Chris Greene’s hair color class August 9th at Meche salon. He will be showing this technique as long as a slew of others he uses to achieve soft, pretty hair color.

Hair Cut: Danny Rishoff @dannydoeshair

Hair Color: Chris Greene @chrisgreenehair

Photos and Video: Desirae Cherie @desiraecherie

Story by: Justine Marjan @justinemarjan

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