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These Are the 3 Top-Rated Hair Masks, According to Sephora Reviews

While everyone’s hair needs are different, there’s no denying we can all use a good hair mask. And where can we always turn for a rundown of the best hair masks? Sephora, of course!

Based on numbers of stars and reviewers, we’re listing three hair masks consumers absolutely love the most! Keep reading, and plan to give your strands the extra TLC they deserve.

1. amika: The Kure Intense Bond Repair Hair Mask: $38

Hot off the press, this new reparative hair mask is already reeling in the rave reviews. Clinically proven to hydrate, repair, strengthen and improve manageability, this vegan and cruelty-free product is suitable for almost any thick or medium hair type.

“Best best best hair mask,” one reviewer wrote. “I hate spending money but this mask is worth it I promise you. I always end up going back to this product.”

2. Pureology Color Fanatic Multi-Tasking Deep-Conditioning Mask: $40

If you’re a victim of damaged color-treated hair, you’re not alone. Pureology recognizes the struggle, and created an intensely moisturizing treatment mask that restores and protects hair that’s seen better days. This mask is available exclusively online, and 96% of its reviewers recommend the product, which also serves to eliminate frizz.

One reviewer called the product, “A dream come true for a gal with damaged hair,” explaining that she bought it indeed thanks to Sephora reviews, along with Influenster’s.

“It definitely lived up to its five star rating,” she said. “I work at a ship repair facility where the environment is so harsh on my hair that it gets a bit crispy to the touch. I have used this twice and can already feel a difference, which exceeded my expectations.”

3. Kérastase Blond Absolu Strengthening Hair Mask for Very Damaged Blonde Hair: $62

Blondes will surely have more fun after using this! While a little on the spendier side, this product that’s received 164 reviews was designed for strands affected by lightening treatments. Intended for most hair types, this mask is revered for its inclusion of hyaluronic acid and its powerful, pretty scent. It also prevents color fading.

The few negative reviews mostly only refer to the price, not the quality. But one reviewer justified the high-end spend by saying, “The reason I’ve been able to continue colouring my hair blonde and been able to keep my hair on my head is because of this product! It’s pricey yes, but it’s improved the texture of my hair and kept it looking healthy. My hair dresser has noticed the huge improvement in the thickness of my hair as well.”

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