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Mane Myths and Hair Superstitions to Be Aware of on Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th, or “Freaky Friday,” is an unlucky day in the realm of the superstitious. From black cats to broken mirrors, we’ve all heard the myths, but what about burning your hair after cutting it? Or a Sunday haircut appointment suddenly attracting evil into your life? It’s time to keep these hair superstitions in mind this Friday the 13th!

A photo of a black cat crossing your path, a superstition on Friday the 13th | Mane Addicts
(via Pexels)

Cutting Your Hair at Night Means a Family Member Will Die

While rather harsh, and definitely not true, this hair superstition may actually have an origin. It’s been said that this myth was started as a way to deter people from cutting their hair after the sun had set. Back when we had nothing but candles and oil lamps, so cutting your hair at night could result in a literal hack job, or a lot of hair in unsanitary places.

Always Burn Your Hair Trimmings

Supposedly, it’s bad luck to throw away the hair that has been cut off your head. Reason being? Someone with ill intentions might steal it and hex you. Solution? Burn baby, burn!

Cutting Your Hair on a Sunday Will Attract Evil

This superstition stems back to the Catholic religion and the idea that no work should be done on Sundays. Known as “a day of rest,” no labor of any form is permitted, and if you go against said rules then “the devil will be with you all week.”

A photo of the unlucky number 13 for Friday the 13th | Mane Addicts
(via Pixabay)

If a Pregnant Woman Cuts Your Hair It Will Grow Faster

It’s likely that this myth is tied to the fact that pregnancy can make a woman’s hair grow faster and fuller. It’s also possible that it is a reference to the symbolic meanings related to pregnant women, like life, rebirth, and good luck. Is any of this true? Well, pregnant women do typically experience hair growth, but will you? Not likely.

Cutting Your Hair on a Tuesday Can Shorten Your Life

This superstition actually comes from Hindi tradition. Tuesday, called Mangalwar, is a great day for combat and war, but a terrible day for cutting your hair and nails. Supposedly it will shorten your life and cause you massive amounts of debt. True? Probably not, but we’re not taking any chances.

If You Are Traveling by Foot and Cross a Redheaded Woman, Turn Back

We know this tale stems from an Irish myth, but we’re not sure why. Good thing most of us travel by car these days!

Don’t Cut Your Hair on the First Day of the New Year

According to Lunar New Year traditions, some believe that you should never cut your hair on the first day of the New Year. Cutting your hair, or showering, is said to wash away all your fortunes for the foreseeable future, so it is best to avoid any beauty maintenance that day.

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