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How to Use Hair Oil Right for Maximum Benefits

If you still haven’t applied oil to your tresses, you’re alone on this one. The silky formula can be swooped straight from the kitchen, worn “dry,” and serves an array of purposes. But even though the majority of us have slicked our strands at some point, some of us are still left wondering how to use hair oil to its best extent.

To explain how to apply the product for maximized benefits, we turned to the OG of hair oils’ ambassador. Keep reading for the guidance of Moroccanoil‘s celebrity hair stylist, Bryce Scarlett.

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The Purpose of Hair Oil

This product serves as more than just a fancy sink accessory. The nutrient-dense formulas have a handful of benefits.

“They’re a great way to restore the moisture that your hair may be lacking,” Scarlett tells Mane Addicts. “Some of its benefits are calming frizz, adding shine and enhancing definition in your hair texture.”

Maximizing the Oil’s Benefits 

While you can’t necessarily go wrong by applying hair oil, being mindful of how much you use is how to go right! Scarlett suggests applying no more than a quarter-size amount to wet hair, and a dime-size amount to dry hair. Luckily, “hair oil truly works for every hair texture,” he says.

girl with red hair and side part
(via Unsplash)

Using ‘Dry’ Vs. ‘Regular’

While hair oil is for everyone, your choice to use dry (ie. Reverie’s Ever Recovery Oil) vs. regular (ie. Moroccanoil’s signature Original Treatment) can make a difference in your mane’s appearance. Dry oil is much lighter and fast-absorbing, leaving the hair with much less of a “wet” feel. Whereas, “regular” oil (often made with silicones) coats the hair and can sometimes leave it looking greasy. Ultimately, what to use for best results depends on your hair’s thickness and texture. Obviously, consult your hairstylist for the best advice!

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