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Everything You’ve Ever Needed to Know About Hair Oils

The benefits of hair oils are plentiful and wondrous. Think about it—just a few delicious little drops can change your skin and hair in just a few seconds. But, which type of hair oil should you use? There are the go-to’s, like argan and coconut oil, that you’ve used time and time again, but there are tons of other plant-based oils that deliver oodles of goodness to your precious strands. Below, read through our breakdown of the eight hair oils you need to have on your radar and the benefits they offer your hair.

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1. Abyssinian

This natural seed oil comes from a mustard plant and is also known as Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil. It is native to the Mediterranean and is incredibly lightweight, and its hydration is out of this world. It works wonders on fine and thin hair for this reason because it nourishes it without weighing it down. We recommend using a few drops of this in place of your heat protectant when blow drying your strands.

2. Almond

We love almonds for snacks, but the oil produced from the nut is lightweight and full of antioxidants. A high magnesium quotient, protein, vitamin E, and fatty acids protect hair from breakage. And if you’re also battling with dandruff, rubbing some almond oil into your scalp during your weekly washes can greatly help reduce flakes.

3. Argan

This is our personal favorite oil, which we fell in love with while in Marrakesh when we got to try the real, pure thing. With its delicious, nutty smell, this product makes everything soft from head-to-toe, while also keeping frizz at bay. There’s nothing like the real thing which is best purchased in Morocco, but there are a number of argan oils out there that work just as well.

4. Baobab

You want to start using it sooner rather than later. It is jam-packed with vitamins A, D, E, and F, as well as a slew of essential fatty acids. This results in insanely moisturized hair and loads of elasticity for faster-growing tresses.

5. Coconut

We literally lather ourselves up in coconut oil as often as we can because it makes your entire body fragrant and soft to the touch. It’s great for almost every type of hair and is brimming with carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins. There are some hair types that find it makes their strands more dry and brittle, so don’t say we didn’t warn you.

6. Macadamia

If your tresses are damaged and parched from a ton of winter blow drying and spring color, then you should make a major investment in macadamia oil. It’s one of the most sustaining and intense out there. We make sure to incorporate it into our weekly deep conditioning treatments.

7. Marula

This oil is having a veritable explosion in the market right now, as everyone is catching on to its amazing benefits. The fruity-smelling product is nutrimental because it is loaded with vitamin C and is great for virtually every kind of hair. We love putting it into our hair before we hit the beach and pool, as it keeps our tresses protected from sun damage.

8. Melon Seed

If you have a sensitive scalp or battle with psoriasis, then melon seed oil is for you. Vitamins B2, C, and G are all found in the oil, as well as omega-6. So you can expect loads of shine, faster-growing hair, and lots of reparative properties from using it.

Want more hair oils to try? You’ve got it! Check out THESE types of unconventional hair oils worth slathering on your strands!

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