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5 Hair Perfumes That Won’t Dry Out Your Hair

Everyone wants their mane to smell good–especially on those no-wash days. And while it might seem convenient to spritz your strands with your everyday perfume, the high alcohol content that is packed into those luxury fragrances that we love so much can be pretty harsh on our hair. The solution? Hair perfumes: the overlooked but pretty necessary hair product that you may not always use, but should!

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The differences between your everyday perfumes and hair perfumes vary, but for the most part, the scents made for your hair are typically a lot less costly than their counterparts, contain less alcohol and most promise to provide shine and protect your mane. So the next time your find yourself post-workout or leaving a smoke-filled bar and are in need of a scent to pair with your dry shampoo, reach for a perfume made for your strands. Below, a few of our fave hair perfumes that promise to keep our locks looking and smelling fresh.

Aveda Pure-Fume Hair Mists

Just this month Aveda introduced their trio of Pure-Fume Hair Mists, each scent infused with sunflower oil and kukui seed oil and inspired by the natural aromas from different parts of the world.

Aveda Pure Fume Hair Perfumes
(via Aveda)

Byredo Gypsy Water Hair Perfume

Perhaps the strongest scent of the group with notes like bergamot, vanilla and amber, Byredo‘s Gyspy Water Hair Perfume creates an invisible veil of fragrance around your mane and contains silicone which promises to add shine and softness.

Byredo Gypsy Hair Water hair perfumes
(via Byredo)


Sachajuan Protective Hair Perfume

A scent so alluring that you may be tempted to use in place of your real perfume. The fragrance ranges from an opening scent of apple to a floral peach rose and ends with a white musk finish. Sachajuan‘s hair perfume protects against harmful UV rays and sticks around all day long.

Sachajuan Protective Hair Perfume hair perfumes
(via Sachajuan)


Balmain Silk Perfume

Balmain‘s Silk Perfume contains argan oil to detangle and repair damage hair while providing longlasting shine, often leading it to be used as a leave-in conditioner. As far as the scent? Balmain Hair Couture’s signature summertime fragrance leaves your locks smelling fresh and clean.

hair perfumes
(via Balmain)


Fekkai Hair Fragrance Mist Rose Fraîche

Fekkai’s best selling hair mist in Rose Fraîche provides a light, faintly floral fragrance that fights frizz and static and adds shine to lackluster locks.

hair perfumes
(via Fekkai)

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