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Hair Products and Tools That Our Editors Totally Regret Buying

At some point, we’ve all probably had a few hair tools and products in our beauty cabinets that we regret buying. Whether we spent money on low quality products, products not right for our hair types or stuff that just flat out didn’t work, we’ve all been a victim of buyer’s remorse in the haircare category at one point or another. Well, the team here at Mane Addicts is no different and we’ve all also had our fair share of regretful hair product purchases. From defunct tools to products that just didn’t work no matter how bad we wanted them to, keep reading to find out the hair products editors regret buying.



Allison McNamara, Editorial Director

On tools: I had been using the same Hot Tools curling iron since I was in the eighth grade, and decided I needed to finally get a new one. Mind you, I had the Hot Tools for 17 years and hadn’t realized how much hot iron prices had gone up! Instead of shelling out the money for a nice ghd curling wand (which I now have) or a pretty white and rose gold T3 wand, I decided to be cheap and purchased one for about $50 at my local beauty supply store. Needless to say, it was a total waste–the iron got way too hot and burnt my hair and the curls were subpar. So not only did I waste the $50, I also had to spend the $200 for a new one.
On products: In general, I’m notorious for buying products that aren’t right for my hair type. I keep trying to use different brands of wave sprays and texture creams with no avail – they always tend to leave my hair crunchy, gritty, and wave-less! I’m always seeking out products to give me beach waves without an iron, but the reality is I have stick straight hair so it’s almost impossible to spritz my way to waves.
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Kelsi Zimmerman, Contributing Writer

On tools: You know those teeny tiny travel flat irons? Well, for some reason I have like three and none of them do anything for my thick, super long hair. Plus, I don’t think I’ve ever I’ve ever actually traveled with one, so those are a pretty regrettable purchase.

On products: I have naturally wavy hair and rather than sticking to the products that I knew worked on my hair, I used to purchase tons of different wave sprays and gels that were not only low quality, but completely not suitable for my hair type. The result was usually stiff, wet-looking hair – and not in a good way.
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Emilie Branch, Contributing Writer

On products: I regret buying products that aren’t right for my hair type. I love to experiment and want to try everything, but always default to products that are actually made to treat locks like mine. Sometimes it’s hard to hone it in, but I know that anything super-conditioning and gel-like works wonders. I’ll save the other stuff (hello, violet shampoo made for blondes, though my hair is dark brown) for the drawers.
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