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3 Hair Products to Take to Every Music Festival

Music festivals have made a full-scale comeback. From the Empire polo fields of Coachella to Citi Field out in Queens, we can’t wait to get back to the weekend-long concert chaos. And all the styling that goes into it. This year, we’re keeping it basic with our festival tresses. Simplicity is the only real way to manage 16 straight hours of, well, partying. These three simple, effective, multipurpose hair products are all you need to make it through the endless days of music festival madness. Shop below!

1. Act + Acre Cold Processed Hair Oil: $48

When it comes to festival season, scalp and strand care is key. Keeping your hair hydrated, frizz-free, and heat protected has never been easier with this multi-functional, plant-based oil. With argan oil and squalene, your tresses can weather the concert wear and tear.

(via Act + Acre)

2. Living Proof Advanced Clean Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo: $30

Sorry, but we will never stop stanning this dry shampoo. With the brand’s patented healthy hair molecule, this essential cleansing spritz is exactly the one-and-done product you need to fight sweat and grime on the go. Be sure to pack a travel size in whichever bag you bring with you to the festival grounds to keep your hair oil-free at all times.

(via Sephora)

3. Dae Cactus Fruit 3-in-1 Styling Cream: $26

Three-in-one? That’s what we need out of our festival styling products. Tame frizz, sculpt, and moisturize with this desert-derived formula.

Dae Cactus Fruit 3-in-1 Styling Cream

(via Sephora)

Braids are easily the best hairstyles for music festivals. Be sure to wear THESE 13 braids if you’re attending Coachella this year!

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