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4 Hair Products You Should Steal From Your Boyfriend’s Stash

While spending time with our S.O. is great and all, the bathroom can be a major point of contention in the relationship. With all of our skincare, haircare, and more taking up space, having it doubled can cause quite the stir—especially if you’re dating a guy and your necessities don’t overlap.

But what if you actually did have a reason to use your boyfriend’s everyday go-to’s? We got down to business by asking experts to recommend four hair products to steal from your boyfriend’s stash.

Keep reading, and prepare to use some of these as future gift ideas, so you can benefit from them, too!

1. Beard Balm

The Mod Cabin Beard Balm: $18.99

“This balm is amazing for moisturizing curls because of the natural oils. It also can be used as a leave-in or for days when your hair needs a little boost from dryness. Put a small amount into your palm and apply over the ends of your hair.” – Alexis Meeks, hairstylist at the Maggie Rose Salon in Florida

2. Pomade

Blind Barber 101 Proof Classic Pomade: $22

“We all need a good solution to lay those edges. This pomade is perfect for keeping them laid all day without the stickiness—and it smells amazing.” – Alexis Meeks

Davines This is a Forming Pomade: $32

“This is great for girls when they want to tame or refresh the hair. This product will help add a light shine while helping to control frizz and help separate and give a lightweight texture. It’s definitely a product they’ll want to steal from their man.” – Michael Bowman, Davines educator and hairstylist

Hanz De Fuko Claymation Pomade: $23

“This product gives the hair a great lift and desired flexibility. Additionally, it holds and absorbs excessive hair oils, which gives it that kind of clean, matte, airy feeling. It’s a mix between dry shampoo and clay, and it works wonders for women. Whether you rock a shorter hairstyle or just want a messy, effortless, textured look, this product is key.” – Sara-Olivia Granberger, independent hairstylist from Los Angeles  

3. Style Spray

Baxter of California Clay Effect Style Spray: $27

“I’d say this is the equivalent of salt spray, which is a trend among many women’s lines. It gives the hair a lot of texture, has a great hold, and also gives the hair a matte finish. This is rather than that shiny look, which a lot of women’s hair products tend to give. It works great for any kind of length and has a neutral scent. A tip for women with long hair is to use a bit of it in damp hair prior to blow drying, just to give it that extra oomph needed to style it. However, my favorite is to just ‘spray and wear’ for that beachy feel.” – Sara-Olivia Granberger

4. Cleansing Shampoo

UNITE GO24.7 Shampoo: $15.50

“This gives a really clean feeling with a little less moisture. It’s more along the lines of a clarifying shampoo, which removes buildup and environmental impurities on the hair.” – Katelyn Ellsworth, co-founder of The Roslyn Salon in San Diego

Now that you know four hair products to steal from your boyfriend, click HERE to find out how those products can help you rock a modern day shag.

Hey, mane muse! We wanted to give you a heads up that some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means that Mane Addicts will collect a small share of the sale from any purchase you make from the products we recommend.

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