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Retire These 7 Hair Products If You Want to Achieve Your Summer Hair Goals

It’s not all fun and games when the sun comes out to play. Harsh pool chemicals, salty seas, and excessive time under the sun can make your summer hair feel less-than-stellar. Don’t add to your woes by using hair products and tools that will actually worsen your mane’s situation. Read on for the hair products to avoid this summer if you want to maintain your hair health.

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Hair Products to Avoid During the Summer

Shampoos, Conditioners, and Stylers With Sulfates

Sulfates are cheap, but strong detergents added to products to help with lather can strip hair of its natural moisture. This creates a frizzy mane after repeated use. Avoid shampoos, conditioners, and any other styling product with sulfates during the summer to keep your mane ruly.

Excessively Hot Blow Drying

We’ve all been there: you need to be out the door in five and your hair is sopping wet. We get it, and this is why we aren’t asking you to swear off blow dryers all summer. Instead, opt for the lower heat setting and try to limit blow dryer use to those emergency situations. Nothing says “summer hair” like naturally dried tresses and warmer months should be an excuse for you to unplug your trusty dryer. The heat will make your hair cuticles go haywire and will add to the damage that has been caused by excessive time outdoors. Opt for an ionic dryer if possible and try to limit the heat damage.

Flat Iron

Similar to a blow dryer, excessive heat from a flat iron will destroy your hair cuticles. Don’t add insult to injury this summer and embrace your naturally wavy or curly hair. There is no better season for natural, summer hair. After a long day at the chlorinated pool, your hair will thank you for the consideration.

Frizz Creating Brushes

During the warmer months (and if you can afford it), stick to boar hair brushes. These natural fibers will protect your already weakened hair. Step away from cheap hair brushes and remember that wide-toothed combs are your best buddies during hot weather. Tugging at your hair with cheap bristles will create further irreparable damage.

Hair Ties

It’s no secret that sun exposure and water activities can weaken your hair. You want to keep your hair out of your face while you splash around but using a regular hair tie after all of that exposure will create irreversible damage. Stick to scrunchies made from silk or velvet fabrics. These are kinder to your cuticles and will create less breakage while still holding your hair where you want it to be.


Towel drying hair is a big no-no during the summer. It upsets your outer hair cuticles, making you appear like Medusa in no time. Opt for microfibers and hair turbans made with your cuticles in mind. After switching, you will immediately notice a reduction in frizz and better overall texture.

Styling Products With Alcohol

It may come as a surprise, but a lot of products have alcohol in their formulas. Flip to read your labels and avoid anything that lists alcohol as one of the first five ingredients. Not only will it strip your hair of natural moisture, but it will also leave you with a very brittle texture. Opt for products that list nourishing ingredients like argan oil in their top five.

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