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You’re probably not a professional hairdresser – but that doesn’t cramp your vibe! You’re open to exploring new cutting edge colors and styles while perfecting the tried-and-true basics.

Keeping your hair healthy is of the utmost importance, while still having your mane look fly, of course. You’re into the latest product launches, ingredients and accessories to make your hair look and feel its best.

Whether it’s an easy, undone look for your morning Zoom call or a fashion look for Tik Tok, you’re eager and ready to learn. We welcome mane lovers of all experience types and hair textures, which is why we think you’ll be be obsessed with all of the goodies below. Enjoy! We hope to make you more confident.

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How I Learned to Embrace My 4C Curl Pattern

I’ve spent most of my life with straight hair and for the first time in a long time, I returned to my original texture. How will I style my hair now? How will people react to my afro? How long will it take for my hair to grow back? Apparently, I wasn’t alone in my worries. Through my research in the natural hair space, I found that many women shared the same concerns. Read on to learn how I learned to embrace my natural 4C curl pattern.

Embrace 4C Curl Pattern

These Toxic Hair Ingredients Might Be Messing With Your Hormones

Pick an issue — any issue! — related to beauty, and chances are, it can be traced back to your hormones. Greasy roots? Your hormones might be misfiring, making your sebaceous glands produce too much oil. Dull, tired skin? The “stress hormone” cortisol is likely the culprit. Hair thinning, hair loss, hair breakage? Hormones, hormones, hormones. These hormones not only ruin your look but your confidence as well.

Here’s the kicker: Your beauty products could be making it worse. Read on to learn about the toxic hair ingredients that might be making it worse.

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We’re Currently Obsessing Over Leave-In Conditioners

Shop our faves for happy, healthy, hydrated ends. For our full love affair with leave-ins, read this.

’70s Muses That Nail Our Forever Summer Aesthetic

Easy ways to channel your fave cool girls from the decade of funk and freedom.

11 Things You Should NEVER Do When Giving Yourself a Blowout

If you’ve ever given yourself a blowout, you know it doesn’t take much for it to go horribly wrong. In fact, there are certain things you should just avoid. While there’s nothing like attempting to uncurl an impossible kink to make you want to call it a natural day, don’t throw in the dryer just yet.

By following our pro-guide on what to NEVER do (arguably more important than what you should do) when DIY’ing your blowout, we’re confident that the smooth silky locks of your hair dreams are just a brush, a heat protectant and a high setting away, see here!

blowout never do wet hair blow dryer

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Essential Hot Tools Everyone Needs

Only the best of the basics! These tools will keep your hair in tip top shape, not matter what style you’re itching to create.

45 Balayage Hair Color Ideas to Inspire Your Next Hair Color

Originally posted on POPSUGAR Beauty.

There’s plenty of enviable hair color out there — including a bevy of rainbow looks — but we covet killer balayage highlights the most. As it turns out, we’re not the only ones; this color technique is all over Instagram. If we had to guess why it’s so beloved, we’d say it’s because the popular method makes strands look naturally sun-kissed instead of methodically dyed. For allll the balayage inspo for your next salon appointment, head to POPSUGAR Beauty. Make yourself more confident with these exciting tips.

Image Source: Instagram user kiki_inhd

The “Karen” Haircut and Why You Should Avoid it at All Costs

You have nothing against Karen, and neither do we. Or actually at this point, maybe we do.

The internet, on the other hand, is a different story. Its been mocking Karen for years, particularly her haircut. The name Karen has now become a symbol for entitled, white, middle-aged women who seem to have a penchant for calling 911, asking for store managers and accosting everyday people in public places for no reason.

If you’ve never seen the memes or heard the “Karen haircut” expression, we are here to school you on why this is the exact haircut you don’t want to get. This haircut will make you anything but confident.

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