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5 Hair Regrets Everyone Will Have in Their Lifetime

Having a bad hair day is one thing, but unfortunately, we’re all privy to bad hair eras. Sometimes we realize right away, and other times, in the moment, we think we look great. Either way, no matter who you are, you’re not safe from looking back at some past hair moments with major regret. But the good news is it happens to everyone, so you’re not alone. Learn how to laugh at yourself, and scroll below for five hair regrets everyone experiences in their lifetime.

1 . Brassy or Streaky Highlights

Highlights are a tricky thing. Unless you go super natural, you’re putting yourself at risk for disaster. We’re certain you’ve had some nasty chunky streaks or some color that got brassy after a few washes. Happens to the best of us!

2. Hair Too Short

Whether you go short-short or simply just shorter than what looks flattering, we’ve all chopped off a few too many inches. Sure, it grows back, but all those photos you’ve taken in between make for some LOL-worthy memories.

3. Bad Bangs

You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced a bad bang cut. In the moment, it totally feels right… until you look back on photos a few years later and realize it was a huge mistake.

4. Bad Perm or Curl Styling

Whether you went the chemical route or grabbed a curling iron, no one is safe from regrettable curls. Either you’ve ended up looking like a poodle (perm), or you realize you have absolutely no idea how to use a barrel (iron). Or that all-natural, air-dry phase you went through is haunting you via photos.

Your best friend rocked a bob like no other, and therefore you thought it’d be wise to follow suit. If she can do it, so can you, right? Wrong! We’ve all had a bad hair phase where we tried to emulate someone else’s trendy look, only to realize it just isn’t a fit for our face. Oops!

Speaking of curls, HERE’s how to achieve ones (you won’t regret) using chopsticks!

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