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The 5 Most Common Types of Hair Rollers—and How to Use Them

Thanks to TikTok, everything from the past is being reinvented and re-popularized—hair rollers included! Long before the days of fancy blowouts and at-home curl care, people resorted to none other than rollers to achieve salon-level waves. Sometimes, these processes could take an entire night to result in a desired outcome. Now, many different types of hair rollers exist, with unique uses for each.

But in order to achieve these easy, breezy, (mostly) heatless styles, you need to be acquainted with the different hair roller types. Keep reading for the five most common hair rollers—and watch the video clips on how to use each of them!

(via Unsplash)

Velcro Hair Rollers

Grab some clips and choose your volume! Velcro rollers are versatile in that you can create loose or tight curls, depending on the curlers’ size. You can roll them inward or outward for different looks.

Snap Hair Rollers

No clips? No problem! Snap-on hair rollers have the support of an additional piece to lock in those hair rolls. Made purely with plastic, they won’t damage or permanently impact your natural hair texture.

Foam / Sponge Hair Rollers

Ah, the ol’ foam rollers—the most common of the hair roller types. Ask your mom or grandma about these bad boys, because something tells us they’re familiar! But anyway, they still exist, and they’re really easy to use. While not the most convenient option (you have to sleep with them overnight for the best outcome), they’re definitely the cheapest and they can be applied to either wet or dry hair. That said, if you need a quick fix, these are not it!

Heat Hair Rollers

If you really want to maximize those waves, heat rollers may be your best bet. While this option is by far the most costly and the most potentially damaging to the hair, the efficiency and swiftness is high.

Magnetic Hair Rollers

Among the different types of rollers, magnetic are the most recommended for fine or thin hair. Also, their vented design allows for faster setting and less hair breakage.

For more on why we can’t get enough of hair rollers in 2021, click HERE!

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