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Hair Salon Etiquette 101

A happy stylist means perfectly styled, healthy hair which in turn makes for a satisfied client. So to keep everyone content, we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about salon etiquette. From tipping to arriving late to cancellations, keep reading to find out everything you need to know about salon etiquette so that you’re sure to mind your manners when getting your hair done.


Regardless of where you live, the standard for tipping any stylist is 20%. However, tipping more is suggested in certain cases like if you were late or if your stylist fit you in last minute or if your service was exceptional and your stylist went above and beyond.


While we are all human and things can come up last minute, if you absolutely have to cancel, you should give at least 24 hours notice so that they can fill that spot in their schedule. Not showing up at all is disrespectful to your stylist and depending on your salon, could also cost you a fee.

Arriving Late

Showing up on time is very important as most stylists run a very tight schedule and probably have an appointment right after yours. However, if you are going to be late, you should call your salon as soon as you realize you’re running behind and keep in mind that if you are 10 or more minutes late then there is a chance that you may not be able to receive all of the services that you were scheduled for.


It goes without saying that you should treat salon assistants and shampoo technicians just as you would your stylist. And in the case of tipping, it is important to remember to tip the assistant separately and the amount should be based off of what kind of services they provided, i.e., the assistants that applied toners, glosses or washed out more complex color services should be compensated more.

Cell Phones/Laptops/Tablets

In the age of constantly staying connected with our phones/laptops/tablets, it’s important to remember that we should try to keep the usage to a minimum during our hair appointments. While your stylist is working on your hair they need you to sit up straight and if you’re looking down at your phone the whole time, odds are they won’t be able to properly do your hair.

Don’t haggle

Knowing the cost of your services ahead of time is important so that there is no sticker shock and you can be prepared to pay the quoted amount plus tip at the end of your appointment. Haggling with your stylist can come across as you are undermining their skills and worth and more often than not, the stylist doesn’t have any control over the salon’s prices.

Children in the salon

Sometimes it is inevitable that you have to bring your little one with you to your appointment, when that is the case, you should make sure that they sit in the lobby or right next to you, if possible. Salons can often be dangerous to children as there are harsh chemicals, dangerous tools and slippery floors from the fallen hair, so if you are having doubts about whether or not bringing a child to the salon is appropriate, be sure to call your salon ahead of time to see about their policy.

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