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4 Things You’ll ONLY Relate to If You Own a Hair Salon

Owning anything is incredibly challenging. Being at the forefront of any mishaps, angry customers or poorly performing employees is no walk in the park.

But owning a hair salon has its entirely own set of responsibilities that differ from any other ownership out there. While granted there are hundreds of general duties and obligations, a salon owner knows certain things pertain to just you guys.

We chatted with KOVA owner Emma Moquet, who recently opened her beautiful, Parisian-inspired blow dry salon in L.A. Below, Emma shares four things you’ll only relate to if you own a hair salon.

1. You Want This More Than Anything

You can have all the money in the world, or people lining up for your products, but at the end of the day, only certain people will make it as salon owners. No matter your background or finances, it is going to be a long, uphill battle to finally seeing your salon come to fruition. Not to mention, you’ve got to be prepared for trial and error at the beginning.

“I understand as a salon owner the stress and compassion in the early stages of opening,” Emma tells Mane Addicts. “It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and yoga!”

2. Your Salon Has to Take Some Kind of Unique Spin

With so many top-tier salons out there (especially in metropolitan cities), you don’t want to just be another shop along the road. Successful salon owners know they need to stand out in some way, giving clients a reason to check them out. You also need to master the art of unique problem solving.

“You can’t manage everything, and for some things, you have to think outside the box,” Emma says. “For example, washing towels while someone’s getting their hair washed can fluctuate the temperature of the water in L.A., so we decided lets be eco-friendly and offer disposable hair towels so we avoid using washing machines—and voila!

3. You Consider Smaller Things That Can Make a Huge Difference

While decor, furniture and employees are key, you also have to consider other seemingly commonplace matters.

For example, Emma says, “You have a good POS system in place that can support your marketing expectations are.”

4. You Never Downplay the Obvious

While some responsibilities require jotting down notes and dates, there are the more widely known things you should never take for granted or brush under the rug.

As Emma states it simply: “A clean salon and customer service are priority in this business!”

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