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5 Hair Salons in the San Fernando Valley That Are Absolutely Worth a Visit

It’s no secret that Beverly Hills and West Hollywood are prime locations for people who want the hairstyles of the stars. These two Los Angeles cities are chock-full of salons and blowout bars infiltrated with some of the most talented, successful people in the hair industry. That said, getting your hair done at one of our favorite salons can cost quite the pretty penny. Plus, appointments fill up fast, and it can, at times, take up to a month to see your favorite hairstylist. That’s why we’re shedding some light on other notable, yet lesser recognized salons in Los Angeles—namely in the San Fernando Valley. From Studio City to Woodland Hills, there are a handful of well-respected spots to get the haircut or color of your dreams.

Keep reading for our top five San Fernando Valley hair salons that are absolutely worth a visit. So gas up your car and get going!

Top San Fernando Valley Hair Salons

1. The Beauty Can

This Woodland Hills hotspot is home to a slew of celebs and influencers in the West Valley. The Beauty Can counts Stassie Karanikolaou, Olivia O’Brien, and Tori Spelling (among others) as regular clients, and the salon does everything from extensions and brows to color and more.

2. Larisa Love Salon

Located conveniently off Ventura Blvd. in Studio City, just a quick drive over the hill will get you to the salon owned by Joico’s Brand Ambassador, Larisa Love. A vet in the business, Larisa is a revered colorist known for mastering the boldest of shades.

3. Mane Fixation

With the tagline, “Training unicorns one mane at a time,” it can only be expected that this Studio City hotspot keeps things contemporary. From their edgy bold hues to their brilliant balayage, there really seems to be nothing this San Fernando Valley salon can’t do when it comes to color. And as an added bonus, they recently started accepting outdoor appointments, so book yours now.

4. Butterfly Loft Salon and Spa

When it comes to the Valley (and beyond), this Encino-based salon needs no introduction. They have a massive Instagram following, and if you take one quick glance through their feed, you’ll know why. Their color skills are remarkable, and they even provide plenty of how-tos so you can better understand how they work their magic. But rest assured, they don’t slack in the haircut department either.

5. Le Rêve Salon de Paris

One look at this full-service salon’s Instagram will have you in awe. Not only does this Granada Hills establishment boast some pretty impressive hair color, but they’re also known for wild nail embellishments. Oh, and they do facials, too. Consider this your one-stop shop in the San Fernando Valley.

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