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Selfie Tips For Getting the Perfect Post-Salon Hair Shot

Have you ever really gotten your hair done if you didn’t try relentlessly to get that perfect post-salon hair shot? We think not. Half the fun in getting your hair done is trying to get the perfect picture of your new ‘do to post to the ‘gram. So for those that struggle to nail the perfect hair selfie, we’ve rounded up the best selfie tips to show off your new look on social media.

Lighting Is Everything

While we all know by now to avoid fluorescent lighting, we should also know that natural lighting is the best as it brightens your face and eliminates shadows. Taking a selfie outside? Make sure your head is blocking the sun so the lighting isn’t too harsh.

For those selfie spots that are without natural light, opt for a phone case with a selfie light like LuMee’s new Duo for iPhone X. LuMee’s new case has two rows of LED lighting on the front of the case, providing a professional glow for all selfies.

Know “The” Angle

By far one of the most important selfie tips, knowing your angles is key to any good selfie. Contrary to popular belief, holding the phone at an angle from above is not the move, instead, hold the phone vertically and slightly off-center at less than an arm’s length away from your face. And as for the shoulders: holding the phone slightly to the left or right of the center of the frame just enough so that one shoulder and half of the other is visible.

Make Use of the Frame

Your face should be in the center of the frame, closer to the top and in the case of taking the perfect hair selfie, your hair should be brought and styled to the front so that your followers can get the full view of your new style. Also, keep in mind what’s behind you. We’ve seen lots of weird sh*t in the background of selfies–keep it clean and simple with a white wall if possible.

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Don’t Over-Edit

We love a good filter as much as the next person but there IS such thing as over-editing, especially when it comes to getting a good shot of your hair. Filters and editing should be used only in moderation, you want people to be able to see your hair’s actual color and texture – you didn’t pay good money for that perfect shade of platinum just to use a filter that makes your hair look yellowish blonde. Also, don’t over do the FaceTune. Selfies are *very* close up and even the slightest over-edit can make people wonder what’s real and what’s fake.

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Options! Options!

And we mean lots! The more the merrier when it comes to taking selfie options. Sure, your arm may get a little tired but the more options you take, the better chance you have of nabbing the perfect shot.

Use a Prop

Don’t discount the power of a good pair of sunglasses or even a fresh mani! Adding a little movement or prop to the selfie can instantly inject intrigue and make it more fashion and fun.

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